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Plagerism August 17, 2012

The act of stealing ones ideas, writings, passages etc and passing them on as their own is known as plagiarism. It also includes the factor that in such writings the origin of material is not mentioned. Plagerism is not usually separable from imitation or adaption, but it is understood by its dishonest intention. A person practicing this sort of act is a plagiarist. The older term plagiary was applied, to both plagiarism and plagiarist.

Generally, plagiarism Occurs when one steals the idea or expression, without mentioning the original source. It is not a legal term; however it is used in law suits. Courts recognize it as the violation of copyrights law, as copyrights allow a person to register his creative work as the work of his own only. Lawsuits can be appropriated on plagiarism only in cases such as music, writings and visual images.
Plagiarism includes wide range of forms, the simplest of which is the stealing of material and presenting it as one’s own work; this is commonly seen in schools when an assignment is given to a student and he puts his tag to the material that he has actually copied from some source. In copyright lawsuits, allegations regarding plagerism are usually based on partial theft. It is not necessary that duplicate another’s work, partial theft constitutes to copyright infringement. Therefore plagerism may include, using portion of a copyrighted song, or using a partial composition and portraying to the user as if it is your own.
Plagerism on the internet is the simplest to be done, with internet access nearly in every corner of the world. Nearly every topic’s information can be gained from internet, and therefore some people find it easy to copy content from it, rather than writing a text of their own. In order to stop this widely spreading act of plagerism, many plagiarism checker websites are available, which helps you identify, plagiarized work. Using these tools is really simple, as you just need to copy the material in the box given and leave the rest to the software. This software, with the help of search engines run a scan on the material and reports you for plagiarism.
It is also important that one should understand the types of plagiarism, in order to avoid it. Minimal plagiarism occurs mostly in schools when students substituting synonyms and editing the original text. Adding more details and changing the pattern of the text amounts to substantial plagiarism. Complete plagiarism occurs when one copies the content exactly, and presents it as his own work. These types should be kept in mind so that an individual’s content stays free from plagiarism.
Plagiarism can have many chances to appear in one’s text. In order to understand plagiarism, one should under the basis and types of it. Using the free online tools to check for plagiarism is always advisable. Since this act may be done intentionally or unintentionally, it is necessary that an individual take every step so that his work can be certified free from plagiarism.