by jenna
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March 5th, 2018

Are you looking for a job and wish to work with multinational companies? If yes, then probably, you would have issues while furnishing your resume and cover letter with those companies.

Though it is fine to submit your resume in the English language with most of the international organization, however, they really appreciate if you can submit your documents in their national or native language.

In that case,

you may have to look for some software application which should be helpful for you to write your resume and cover letter in multiple languages. You may have to find some software application which should serve as Spanish, French, German or Dutch Spell Checker.

Some people think that they take help from general text editors provided with their operating system but it really does not work when you need the proficiency of any language in your documents. Actually, you need a lot of additional features to utilize the conventional text editors to produce your documents.

This is the reason you will have to find some software application which should be helpful for you to build your resume and cover letter in any particular language. Let say, you are supposed to apply in some Dutch company; you can create your documents by using Dutch Spell Checking Applications. Better if you can find some software application which should be helpful for you to build your resume in the Dutch language.

SarmSoft Resume Builder

Build Your Resume in Multiple Languages

This is a software application which is specially designed to prepare your covering letter and resume in multiple languages. So you can use it to prepare your documents in the Dutch language even for plagiarism checker in German. This software application can be used as Dutch Spell Checker as well because it is backed up by Dutch Spell Checking tool and it includes the spell checking facility for other languages such as French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian and English.

Note Magic Lite

This is a text editor which will serve you to accomplish your several personal and official tasks. This is not a pure Spell Checker. It offers several other functions related to text edition. But it is being used on a wider scale for spell checking as well. So you can take the benefits of its spell checking utility. You can build your resume as well by the help of this software as you can correct your text in the Dutch language by using it. It is powered by very influential dictionaries of multiple languages. If you need to get a Dutch Spell Checker then Notemagic Lite can be your choice. It will help you to manage the documents in several other languages which may include Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.

Common Features of Dutch Spell Checking Applications

• Dutch Spell Check must be linked with some powerful dictionary which must contain the bulk of phrases and words.
• It should be able to correct the human errors of spellings automatically.
• It should be capable to suggest a variety of words.
• Spell Checker must be designed to read and correct the written text with respect to the context of the document.