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Benefits of Plagiarism March 4, 2018

For anyone who has started to read this article, it is now an obligation to read it to the last line because not doing that will mean being unjust.

There’s an uproar on the internet against plagiarism and everyone has a different way of explaining its loathsomeness. Some use the ethical and moral approach to reprehend the act of plagiarism while others try to scare the plagiarists with the legal actions that could be taken against them for committing plagiarism. However, there are some great benefits of plagiarism and reading them has become significantly important after all that you have read against it.

Benefits of Plagiarism

While others are busy telling you how bad plagiarism is, there exist some benefits of plagiarism that are loved by some super-intelligent publishers. Here are a few points in its favor and they will definitely show you the brighter side of plagiarism:

• When you copy content from someone without getting caught, you show your skills and cleverness in doing that.
• The original author was obviously crazy to do so much work for writing such useful content. He could have copied content just like you and saved all the time and energy he wasted on doing all the work.
• You are getting paid for your work regardless of the quality of your content so there is no reason why you should spend so much time researching the topic and writing about it. Just pick the content from someone and make it your own – it’s that easy.
• You get to do so much work without any pain. Just keep copying the content from someone else’s work and pasting it into your own documents. Keep delivering the completed tasks to your employer and earn high salaries at the end of the month.
• Who can overlook the praises and applauds you get for such astonishing work? Does it matter if it’s not your own work: it’s alright for as long as you are getting all the admirations for such genius research work?
• Copy pasting or in short, plagiarism, is quite adventurous and who doesn’t like the adventure. You have the opportunity to do something illegal and get away with it. How successful you are at running away from a case of copyright breach shows how adventurous you are. Hence, it is great to copy content from someone and then have some fun running away from the copyright claims and court trials.

“Always Check for Plagiarism

Just like intelligent writers, the aforesaid benefits of plagiarism are quite obviously the opposite of what’s mentioned for intelligent readers too.

Of course, it is in no way sensible to support an unethical action and one that could be legally challenged. It definitely makes your life easier temporarily but the long-term dangers of plagiarism can never be disregarded.

Before you copy someone’s work, it’s better to sit with that person and listen to his side of the story. Just try to feel how it feels to do so much hard work and see others take the credit for your work. Or how about handing over your work to someone and letting him use his/her name with it?