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Competitive analysis June 17, 2019

Analyzing the SEO Campaigns of Your Online Competitors & Its Advantages

If you don’t want to lose the online battle of your SEO campaign, you must change the strategies to win the war and switch to investigate your competitors. In this guide, you will get to know how you can do a proper analysis of the campaigns run by your online competitors.

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Why do you want to Analyze your Competitor’s SEO campaign?

There are various solid reasons behind the question of why do you want to analyze your competitors

Online strategies, yet three of them are the most critical.

  • You must know that what they’re doing!
  • There are many strategic advantages you can find out
  • You can avail the opportunities to find out the links they are building

Read this article till the end, and you’ll get to know all the elements you need to analyze and understand your competitors’ online strategies.

What Keywords are they working on?

First of all, you are supposed to know what keywords your competitors are targeting. Once when you get to see, you can concentrate on those keywords and get maximum benefits out of it. You can use the SE Rush and Ahrefs to find out their targeted keywords. Here you would also find out that what keywords your online competitors are ranking for. After working out this, you will get a great list of keywords. Now move to the next step that is to analyze the optimization of your competitor’s site.

Analyze the Site Optimization

No doubt it is a big task to analyze the on-site SEO of your competitors, and also a huge waste of time, yet you can gather a lot of valuable information from their on-site strategy or lack thereof.

How much Keyword Density they are using in their contents

One of the most crucial things is to analyze the Keyword density your competitor is using on the site. It would certainly give you a direction that how belligerent you are supposed to be with your Keyword placement. Use any reliable Keyword Density Tool and collect the Keywords’ density of your competitors. Check out here that what sort of Keywords’ density they are using to target their Keywords.

One is Not Enough

Practice this process with at least 10 of your competitors who are having an excellent online ranking. When you are done with it, now it is time to make out the average of the Keywords’ density. This is going to create a general picture of “what should be acceptable and adaptable for your targeted keywords.

How much they are known on Social Media Marketing?

You can’t deny the importance of social media marketing in this era. Social media marketing has a great and undeniable impact on SEO. As being an online entrepreneur, you know that a decent social media campaign helps you building great relationships, allows you to interact with your customers and helps you market your contents. So if your competitors are engaged with social media, you are supposed to do as well. One of the best ways to find out their social media campaign is to have a look at their social accounts and see how active and aggressive they are on social sites.

Analyze The Offline Strategies Adapted By Your Competitors

There is a crucial reason to analyze your competitor’s offline marketing efforts to make their brand available and accessible to the people. Find out what mediums and sources they are using to promote their products.

Collect out the Meta Data Information

When you are done with the analysis of Keyword density, you are now supposed to collect the information of their Meta Data. You must study how they have written the Meta Data of their site. With this process, you will get to know if they are using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords, or what’s the strength of their copy, or if there is some clear call-to-action.

Check out the Internal Linking

Don’t forget that analyzing architecture is considered the key to understanding the authority of their site. Figure out the tactics of their internal linking if they have created a better model for flowing the link equity through their website. It’s important to know that a strong site architecture helps you to get the most out of the backlinks you are making. Your goal should be to get a rank with as little backlinks as possible. In

Get a Content Analysis Report

Don’t be surprised to know that pages with more content always get a high ranking. That’s why your ultimate object should be to create a web page far better to what can rank for your targeted keywords.

You can also analyze the word count, uniqueness of content, social media campaign, and outbound links; your competitor is making to run a successful online campaign.

Analyze the Design of their Website

It’s an obvious thing that the design of your website matters if your competitor has an attractive and beautiful design, you are supposed to invest some money to get a gorgeous design of your website.

Google My Business Page

What Does the “Google My Business Page” Say About Their Website?

Through Google My Business Page, you may discover that if they are updating their page regularly, or making their posts engaged properly. Moreover, if they are using images, you can check out their image strategy. It would also help you if they are getting reviews on what or if the people are following them or not.