Keeping Copyright Laws in Mind When Plagiarizing

According to copyright laws of content use, authors’ get protection against their work being used by anyone publicly without permission or without giving them the deserved credit for it. If you want to use another author’s content, whether it is published anywhere or not, in some cases, you should get written permission or at least give the author credit by mentioning the source of content along with the author’s name. Continue reading

Difference in Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement and plagiarism are considered the same by a lot of people. Actually, they are two different things having a slight difference between them. These two terms are inter-linked with each other and are used in different situations and cases. In some places, the plagiarism and copyright infringement form a link between them, but in practical terms, they are two different sitcoms.

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Social Media is Causing the Problem Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is known as using another person’s work as your own without giving credit or appreciation to the original creator of the work. This practice has been clicked as colossal crime towards the prescribed rules and regulations of writings, editing and copyrights terms. This is a fact that social media is causing the problem of plagiarism in today’s enormous internet world. The biggest examples of problems caused by plagiarism are social networking sites which are readily available across the web panel. Due to the advancement in social media sites, it has been become difficult to avoid the eminent factor of plagiarism.

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Filing a Complaint against Someone Who Stole Your Website Content

Plagiarism is not considered a crime in itself, but in some cases, it is taken as a serious offense and morally as a very deleterious act. That is why most of the authorities owning some of the data or text have also availed the copyright facility. This stops the people from stealing the content whether it is the website or articles or other write-ups. This is considered as the most efficient system of managing the plagiarism and copying of the text and content. Continue reading

The Association Between Plagiarism Software and Internet

There have been very strict rules applied by the educational institutions regarding the plagiarism. Students are mostly fined for plagiarism and sometimes they are struck off their courses as well. The universities and colleges penalize the students for both unintentional as well as the purposeful occurrence of plagiarism. Most students don’t do the plagiarism but they are punished for copying some text from any particular online resource. Continue reading