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Writing Definition August 18, 2012

Meaning Of Definitions

The definition is composed of the rods which expresses the meanings of the particular term. There are many subjects available for the students to learn in their school, college and university life, and every subject has million of definitions like the psychologist, management, marketing, financial, logic definitions etc.

Definitions are very essential for explaining the term in brief words, for the efficiency and effective usage of time it is good for the audience to understand the concept with the help of the definitions. Mostly the students when reading the books used to read the definitions just to have a view of the concept that what is the concept all about and then start writes in their own words. A definition which is formal consists of logical words, and organized pattern. The definition should contain the whole meaning and every aspect of the term but within a specified space.

There are different types of definitions which are as follows:

  • Analytical Definition
  • Extensional Definition
  • Operational Definition
  • Nominal Definition

Mostly the writers used to write different definitions regarding the title of the assignment just because to overcome the misunderstanding on the part of the audience. The definition consists of the word “term”, and the differentiated features which are different than the other terms belong to the same class.

Usage Of The Definitions

The writer must know that where to use the definitions in the paper because it is essential for the writer to use the definition in the proper place of the paper, following are the places like when the term is unfamiliar to the readers, try to use the definition of the term in the paper as it has a large usage in the whole document, It is necessary for the conciseness in the paper. The definitions should be in the inverted commas. It depends upon the writer that at what portion of the paper the definitions should be carried out like could be bottoming, center and top of the page.

Other Tips For Writing The Definition

There are many writing tips for writers to create the definitions in a perfect way. It is always better for the writer to define the particular noun with noun. Try to avoid the word again and again in the definition. The language the definition should be very simple and the writer should avoid using technical words.

Language should be according to the level of the reader’s understanding because they are the one who needs to understand so the familiar vocabulary should be focused. Definitions should be adequate and precise in words, but avoid using the details of the word in the definitions.

In libraries one can find a large number of books written by skilled and efficient writers and they have followed the above mentioned guidelines for writing the definition. The fact remains the same that the writer should use those definitions which are related to the topic, otherwise it can create a discrepancy between the content and the title of the assignment/book and this shows the in efficient work of the writer.

Now the people don’t have too much time to read the whole article so they need to have the main points and phrases in the article so that is why the definitions are encouraged by the authors more in the articles. In the academic studies the use of definitions is very common among the students and the instructors for supporting the claim.