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Writing August 17, 2012

Origin of Writing

There are different modes of communication in the world and most of them are also vary from specie to specie.

But since the origin of man after the discoveries of different modes of communication the only thing man has been doing it to improve the communication levels and also to speed up the communication process. Talking in different talking and writing are different modes of communicating to each other. Written forms are considered very important, no matter whatever the written text is. In the earlier ages the written communication was done through the signs and symbols but with the passage of time more trends emerged in the writing forms. The expansion of the writing skills from the ancient ages up till now exhibits the fact of continuous improvement in writing forms. Today writing is considered as the real inner deeper feelings of the writer. It’s a way through which you can express whatever you feel.

Forms of Writings

There are different forms of writings like formal writing, and informal writing. These are further categorized according to their types like case studies, stories, novels, poetries, biographies, and research papers. But the above-mentioned writing forms are based on some of the norms like writing norms, and formatting norms. On the other hand some of the writing forms like the business articles, documents on the laws and regulations and other business files are the writings that are considered very important because the behavior of the employees directly depends on the expressions of the writings given to them. Writings can also be used as the promotional tools in the marketing strategies like in the form of brochures or the pamphlets. Hence, there are various ways through which the writing can be very useful for us.

Norms of Writings In fact writing is the graphical representation of any languages like English, Chinese, and Persian, Japanese and Arabic are written in different forms and there are certain rules and norms which need to be followed while writing a specific language. For this when a kid is first time sent to any school the first learning given to him is the writing learning. On the other hand with the passage of time he learns to write himself and it is also possible one day he becomes a famous writer like Shakespeare, Words Worth, Enid Blypon, Grim etc. In fact writing skills give the person a way to think and to express that. You must have noticed that if you are studying any kind of a write up then after reading each line you will start getting the clues about the specific topic and that will help you in your profession or field.

Therefore, writing is not merely a mode of communication but far more than that. It is assumed that the power of a pen is more than the power of a sword and that’s why a writer has the talent through which he can explain whatever he cannot speak. The only thing that is important is the quality of writing which can let you to the heights of the skies. The readers always prefer a good and quality work but to understand the quality writing, good reading skills are also required. Like if you read a poem and you are not able to analyze the idea behind it you cannot get any benefit from it. Therefore, for producing the good writing, the excellent writing skills are required and the awareness of the norms is also necessary. In order to follow the standard writing patterns there are many organizations in most of the states.