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Writer’s Block/ Writer’s Anxiety August 17, 2012

Issues While Writing And The Solutions

Writing is a very time consuming job and if the person feels that writing takes no time, then it is just a fake thought because according to the survey on the writers it was proved that writing takes time and one needs to have lot of time to think and write, that is the reason that mostly writers used to write when they are lonely and in the silent places like on the beaches, park etc.

It usually happens that the writer seems to have many problems when start writing before doing any brainstorming and prewriting and this action leads to anxiety, the best way to overcome this issue is that the writer should use the invention tactics before starting writing formal document. Sometimes it happens that the teacher/instructor assigns the title to the write which is very boring for the writer, so there is one way to avoid this problem is that the writer should ask the instructor to change the topic or help in personalizing the topic.

Usually the researchers don’t want to spend the time on writing because not having the understanding on the topic, so for this the best way for the writer is to consult the issue with the instructor that on which aspects of the topic one should give more time. Some writers are very anxious before writing the document so for this they need to revise the topic many times just to have the grip, they need to stop thinking of the irrelevant ideas about the topic so in this way the writers can concentrate on the actual topic.

There are some writers who are very self conscious about their writing skills or they are bombarded with many ideas related to the topic, so for that matter they need to consult the issue with the instructors. If while writing, the writer is not able to express the views then for sure the writer should write whatever comes in the mind on the handbook.

The best way to write for the writer is that he/she must start drafting /writing from where he/she wants to start. It depends upon the writer that whether to start from the very start or backward because after drafting and publishing of the paper the reader can’t say that the writer has started the paper backwards. It is always better for the researcher to talk with the tutor or the instructor about the topic.

Writing is a skill which not everyone can have, because writing needs the open mind with the good vocabulary. Good vocabulary is the first requirement for writing that is why the best writers used to have a good vocabulary. One can improve the vocabulary by reading. Some writers are shaky before writing because of their bad vocabulary and for that matter the writer again tries to use the prewriting strategy. One needs to write the whole ideas on the paper first and then polish those ideas. Drafting is the second step after prewriting.

Prewriting is the best cure of all the issues while writing. The creativity comes from writing and from an open mind. Younger students could be very good at writing if they practice the paragraph writing, that is the reason that why mostly instructors at the schools used to give paragraph writing as a task to the students. No need to check grammar line by line, proofreading lengthy content, will take too much time. You can take the help of today’s latest online grammar checker to remove any grammar issues from your content in seconds nowadays.