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Write a Memo August 17, 2012

If you want to write a memo, you have to first have some known how about the “Memo”. Memo is basically used there where message or email could not be sent. Memo is a written paper documentation which is short in notice and use for communication inside an organization. Memo is hard copy of your particular details which starts from “To” then “From” date and subject with your message. In writing a memo, mentioning name is not necessary and you can write your first name informally. And if you want to make your memo formal, then add your full name at the end.

Memo writing is usually in very formal language which is official and sender sends it either for sign or for personal notice. This style of writing is use mostly in offices and official language is used for demonstration. In a very formal way, memo is written and sends in the option of email or any other way of conveying messages. In an organization and you want some signatures of your boss, then you will write a memo and send it to the receiver with all information that receiver have to do. Memo writing has a typical way and an original style which writes according to the specific pattern.
To… will be the name of whom you are writing this memo. From… will be the name of sender, then we add date of that day. Subject… is use to write so that receiver get an idea about the memo in a first look weather he has to read complete message. Then in message option, you write down the complete details of what you have written this memo and what is the requirement. In the end as mention earlier, name if not necessary but you can write your first name or full name to make it more formalize.
In an organization, there are many formals acts which are not required but necessary as they are the rules of a particular organization. Same is for the “memo” because you can make your task easier by doing an email or writing a message. Memo usually sends through fax from one office to another in the same organization or can be delivered by hand as well. If see other aspect, write a memo will save our time because if you email it, the receiver have to print out it and then do his action which is required in that memo.
One must be careful in writing a memo because you have to be formal enough if you want to make your memo in quick action. You should be familiar with the complete pattern and a specific language used to write a memo. Most importantly, you have to write clearly the office or the department in which this memo will be delivered otherwise it can make a confusion. There is no need to write Mr., Miss, Mrs. And your single name for example “bill” is enough. Enter only necessary items and try to make it short.