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General Academic Writing August 17, 2012

Source Of Anxiety For The Writers

Writing is not difficult but a time taking process, there is no doubt that the good writers take so many days to write a small piece of paper because they want to produce a worthwhile document.

If you want to have a grip on the topic then it is good to write from where you want to write with interest. Interest on the topic can lead the creativity. Whatever the writer wants to write it is necessary for the writer to talk about the ideas with the instructor; friend so this exercise can helps the writer to polish the ideas in a better way.

There could be many problems for the writers which can cause anxiety and the causes are as follows:

There is large number of writers who used to start the writing process without thinking about the topic and without doing any preliminary research, and to avoid such problems it is essential for the writers to gather different ideas about the topic, jot down the main points on the paper.
Sometimes the students get the topic which is of no interest to them, and this could be a great source of anxiety, for resolving this problem the student must focus on the interesting aspect of the topic, or the students should discuss with the instructor to personalize the given topic.
Mostly the students don’t want to do the assignments and such tasks, or they do not understand the assignment, so for this the students must realize that they must write because it is the part of the academic hours. The student must find out what is the desired outcome of the instructor.
Sometimes the writers/students are so much anxious for writing that this excitement makes them tense and full of anxiety to avoid such kind of problem it is better for the writer to sit very calmly and then think productively about the topic. Never replace the productive main points with the irrelevant one.
The stress can cause problem for the writers to write, it is necessary for the writers to calm down and breathe deeply so that the body muscles could be relaxed.
Some writers are self conscious about their writing and that makes them difficult to write, the best way to solve this problem is that the student/writer should discuss the topic with the instructor, The writer should keep this thing in mind that first draft of the paper is not the final one, write the idea in any language whether with poor spellings but it is necessary to jot down the ideas.

The language could be a barrier for the writer to write and can cause great deal of anxiety, the writer should be focused on the audience for which he/she is writing because they are the one who has to read and if they are not able to understand what is written then there is no use of the written document. The analysis of the audience is important like the level of audience, their understanding, level of awareness, what questions they can ask. If the writer is writing for the children then the language should be very simple and easy to pronounce on the other hand for the adults the language should be according to their level, awareness and understanding.