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Using Appropriate Language November 4, 2018


In writing, the writers are more focused on the purpose and the audience. Writers first analyze the audience of the paper and their expectations. It is very necessary for the writers to give priority to the purpose of the writing, like whether the purpose could be expressing, proving a claim, etc because around the purpose, the writers used to write the material relating to the purpose. Language is very essential to focus on while writing because the author needs to write that language that is aligned with the purpose of the paper and also equals to reader’s expectations. The language should be understandable to the audience because they are the one to read the paper.

Guidelines For Using Proper Language

While writing the writer/students should be very careful while using the language and should follow the below-mentioned guidelines to make the paper more perfect:

The formality level should exist in the paper, the writer should use that language that meets up the reason for the paper.

One should avoid the use of

the jargons because this term is useful for the same group of people because they know what it is but it is very essential for the writers to use the language which the general group of people can understand.

The writers should not use slang language because it can make the paper very informal, and it’s also appropriate not to use the idiomatic expressions.

The deceitful language should be avoided while doing academic writing.

In the papers or in assignments it is necessary for the students and the writers to avoid the language which is biased means the language which shows differentiation.

The language should be according to the level of the audience.

The purpose of the paper affects the choice of the type of the language as there are many types of languages which one can use while writing like the imperative, persuasive, emphasizing, dialogue, emotive, descriptive, informative, slang, Informal, formal. Now it depends upon the writer to choose among them. Mostly in offices, the formal language used to be in use while writing, but in academic studies, the students used to follow all the types of the language based on the topic of the assignment/article. Language is the medium to communicate to the person who is communicating anything to the recipient then it is necessary to choose the language which would be understandable to the recipient.

The language itself is a barrier

to understand as well because it is the language which helps the other party to understand what is being communicated but sometimes the language becomes a hurdle for the recipient to understand so the sender should be careful in choosing the English or the Urdu medium. Vocabulary in language should be well chosen because it may happen that the audience would not be much aware of the technical words etc so it is very necessary for the writer to analyze the audience.

For example, in a company XYZ,

the sales executive writes a formal letter to the regional manager sales, and at the top has written the word “hi, how are u” so the way he has started the letter is very wrong and the language he used has given a casual attitude to the boss, it also means that the wrong selection of language for a particular assignment/task could make it worst and give the wrong impression to the audience.