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MLA Overview and Workshop April 19, 2021

MLA is a popular type of citation that stands for Modern Language Association for the research paper related to literature and Arts. It is used in scholarly articles or thesis for referencing a specific source that could be a book, published research, or any other source.

MLA Work Cited Pages

There are different publishing styles for citations, but the crucial thing is to write it down accurately especially the MLA style. At the end of the paper, you concluded all your cited work with the appropriate format so the reader understands sources quickly. Here some tips to help you for making accurate MLA citation:

  1. Use in-text citations for MLA (8th ed) mean author name with the page number.
  2. Sources must be ordered according to their publishing dates and issue numbers.
  3. Always mention it’s an online source like blogs and research papers or some conventional sources like magazines, interviews, or books.
  4. Although it’s common to tell you using accurate sentence structure or spelling mistakes but if you lack this one, it may damage your whole reputation and worth of your study.
  5. Use strong sources for citation if your topic is highly competitive.
  6. Set right margin, alignment, or headers for cited page.

We assure you that these amazing tips for the formation of MLA help you to make a comprehensive cited list for your research paper.