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Writing Assignments January 5, 2019

Need To Understand The Assignment

In libraries, one can find a large collection of books, papers, and articles which are meeting the expectations of the audience means fulfilling the requirement of the audience what they want. The purpose and as well as the audience are the two important factors which should be at the top priority of the writers to analyze first before starting to write the assignment. It is essential for the students/writers to understand the assignment and its requirements because of the following reasons:

It may happen that the writer misunderstands the assignment and topic.

As the writer doesn’t understand

the assignment so the wrong resources of information can provide irrelevant material.

The topic of the assignment can express the target audience, so the critical review of the topic is very necessary for the writer to analyze that which should be the target audience of the written assignment.

If the writer doesn’t know about the purpose of the assignment then the assignment would be useless for the writers and for the audience too, because due to this the objective of the given assignment could not be achieved.

Guidelines To Understand The Assignment

The requirements of the assignments are very necessary to read because these requirements help the writers to think on certain paths and one can avoid distractions in finding and gathering the related information

There are many writers who used to start writing the assignment without analyzing the important aspects of the assignment so the best way for the writers is to follow the guidelines like the writer must read the whole assignment properly and slowly. The author/students must underline the portion of the assignment which one should know. After reading the assignment the writer must list the ideas comes in the mind and then write from the most important to the least important.

The writer should as queries

if they have related to the assignment because the answers to these queries can change the quality of the assignment. The writer should be audience oriented while doing the assignment because the audience used to read the assignment, the resources from where to gather the information is the important aspect also.

In the academic institutions, it is important for the instructors to get in touch with the students when they need to ask questions about the study related. The instructor can guide the students like what they want in the assignment to be included with the help of email as well. Email is an essential factor of getting the feedback in a second of time.

The student should know about the due time before starting the assignment because it is the most important factor, the assignment submitted after the due date would be of no use and in universities, the instructors deduct marks of the students for the delay.


To understand the assignment is not only necessary for the students but also for the experience writers because if the writer wants to write something new then the analysis is very essential like the writer should understand that what type of information is required for this, whether the arguments would be acceptable without the graphs and diagrams etc. If the assignment is related to the statistics then the writer should check whether the statistical data is suitable and also ask the instructor about the sample size. Writing an assignment is not difficult but understanding is necessary.