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Citation January 18, 2019

Need Of Citation

Plagiarism is getting very common because of the easy access to knowledge through the Internet.

It does not mean that you can never get the advantage of the work and findings of others. In fact, the only thing you need to do is to keep a difference between the research and plagiarism.

You can even make your arguments stronger through the findings of others but sometimes you have to get the authorization of the other person and all the times you are responsible to give the reference of the resources because it is the only way through which you can make a distinction between your work and the reference work. In most of the cases, the work will be a piece of plagiarism even if you have given the improper citation. Therefore, to reduce the hundred percent chances of plagiarism the proper citation is very necessary.

What Is a Citation?

Citation is one of the major requirements of all of the research papers written and all of the intellectual work, no matter whatever the field you are in. Basically, a citation is the way of telling the readers about the sources you have utilized in that specific work. In this way, if your reader wants to get further information on the related topic or the findings of the other author, he can easily get the information on that. In most of the cases, the reference of the material includes the title of the source, author name, name of publishers, the date of publishing, and also the link of the website where the material was published.

Importance Of Citation

There are various reasons for plagiarism and one of the topmost reasons is improper referencing.

Therefore, the need for following the proper method of citation is there and many rules and the patterns are designed to achieve this goal. Most of the critiques believe that the first thing to avoid plagiarism is to give the proper references. There are some of the following reasons which are making the citation important part of any intellectual work.

Citation is very important for the readers who have a keen interest in getting more and more information about the related topics

There is a variety of information available on the Internet and many people only download the authentic information. Therefore, in order to provide information to such people citation is very important.

The citation also shows the efforts you made in the research and it also exhibits the originality of your research without any plagiarism.

The citation gives external support to your ideas and also increases the strength of your arguments.

Materials To Be Cited

Therefore, citing the sources make your ideas distinguishable and you get the most advantage when you know that your work is more creative than the others.

Following things need the proper citation like same ideas and the facts copied from the other sources, in the use of quotations, in the paraphrasing of the similar text, in the support of the similar idea, when you find the other work similar to you, in the case of the critical work on your same topic. The most important thing in the citation is the pattern and you can follow any of the patterns for the referencing. You can get a lot of information on the Internet about the procedure of citation and in this way, you can also avoid the risk of plagiarism.