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Ultimate Guide on Online PDF Compression June 7, 2021

Are you experiencing problems with uploading PDFs on an online platform? Do you find it hard to share a large-sized PDF with your colleagues via email? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are not alone. There are hundreds of people out there who are going through this problem. And always looking for a way to reduce the size of PDF without damaging the quality of the content.

In this article, we are going to uncover the easiest way to reduce PDF size without investing a single penny. But, before we are starting our main topic, let’s review the primary reason for preferring PDF over the other document formats.

PDF Format Appreciated Worldwide

PDF is a widely used file format and preferred by millions of people around the globe. You must know the significance of PDF (Portable Document Format) files in the academic, banking, or research sectors. One of the biggest reasons of PDF popularity is it’s security check or many other benefits as discussed below:

  • Contain large amount of text, audio or video data.
  • Easily share your confidential information.
  • PDF format keeps documents secure & protected.
  • Add Lock on your PDF file with a password.
  • Safe from any unauthorized access.
  • Edit PDF file easily and smoothly.
  • No particular software is needed to run a PDF file.
  • Encrypt your PDF file for a strong security check.

Why Do We Need to Reduce PDF Size?

Several online platforms restrict their users from uploading large-sized PDF files and require a specific size limit for a PDF. You might have seen a size limit of 100 or 200 KB for a PDF file when you were filling up your online university admission form. Most educational sites or job hunting platforms ask you to upload your CV or other important files in PDF format with less than 100 KB size. In this condition, each individual wants to reduce PDF file size for error-free uploading.

Easiest Way of PDF Compression

You might have come across various conventional methods of reducing the size of PDF, but our advance PDF file compression facilitate you with its amazing utilities such as:

Quick & Simple Procedure

Our PDF size reducer has a user-friendly interface that quickly compress your unlimited PDF files in a click. Here we have some simple steps to reduce PDF file size as follow:

No installation or Signup

Many websites asks you to create an account on a website or install some software in order to use their PDF reducer tools. But here you are not restricted to go through any tedious sign-up procedures or install a desktop application on your device to run this compress PDF tool.

Free Utility

The innovation of free PDF compression available on Duplichecker.com doesn’t include any restriction. There are no hidden charges for using this free PDF reducer facility. Also, you can shrink PDF size below 100KB or 200 kb without paying a single penny.


The information discussed above will also assist you in getting familiar with the significance of PDF in keeping your content arranged and protected. The biggest problem that people face with PDFs is their large size. But, the tool mentioned above will allow you to reduce PDF file size without facing intricacies.