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Types Of Writings August 17, 2012

Norms Of Writings

Writing is the expression of the mind of writers, and most of the writers write when they have some inner feelings related to their own self, their surroundings, the political and the economical situation of the state or the facts related to their professions. Based on the different form of writings here are different writers and many of them have made the global identification like Shakespeare. The fame a writer can get through his writings is based on the quality of the contents of the write up and also on the imaginations and the power of expression of the writer. There are some norms of writings, which are followed by all of the writers, and these norms are standardized for different language and for different formats.

Types Of Writings

These would include organizing ideas in an effective manner to facilitate the process flow while writing, and presenting them in a logical sequence so that they make sense.

Apart from these choosing the appropriate expressions and sentence form and making sure that the reader would be fascinating and very much immersed in what has been written by making the writing style more appealing are the characteristics of good writing. In this way, the writer can organize the ideas in the most presentable manner.

Before writing, any form of writing the first thing is the area of the article, because different fields there are different norms. The tone, style and the way of expressing the idea also differs for different types of writings like in a business research article the main focus is on the evidences and the statistical data which makes the writing strong, while in a poetry writing the tone, the beauty of words, selection of words and the rhythm matters a lot.

Therefore, the basic idea behind is that the difference is in the purpose of the write up. The major difference in the different writing types is the format and the presentation. In the formal write up you have to follow all of the rules of formatting while in the informal write up you are not restricted by any condition. In the professional letter writing the distinctions among the paragraphs, the selection and size of font and the quality of content sis very important while in the informal letter to your friend, you are not bound by such assumptions.

There are two types of writing in terms of the formatting, way of expressing and tone, the first is formal writing and the second is the informality. The formal writing follows the complete rules of formatting while the informal writing can be hand written and can use the slang language as well.

Things To Be Considered

A well-written piece of writing is one in which the writer expresses his inner feelings and imagination. It should attract the reader through technical writing, informative text and many other things. There are many different pronunciations of the same word available on the Internet. So you make sure that your wording is correct, spell checker is the best online tool nowadays to make your content free of errors.

So after making your content error free you also need to check that visitors are also looking for the same quality of content that you are providing. If the quality of the content available on the site is good, then more visitors will visit the page. So if writing can benefit readers, word-of-mouth can also become a popular website.