Writing a book

Writing a book August 17, 2012

If you are thinking about writing a book then you need to be a very good reader. It is not important just to read but to notice the style of writing a book. For instance, a comic book is written differently than a book on fiction. You must be super reader in order to become a super writer as the basic background information can make you into a successful writer.
Once you are past this stage and you have committed yourself towards writing a book you should remember that it is a tedious process which will test your patience repeatedly.

Now, you should focus on your story or whatever you want to write. First summarize your story in two or three lines. If you can do it successfully it will tell you that you are very clear and focused on what you want to write. If you cannot do this then you are still not ready to write a book. The second step in writing a book will be to write a synopsis of your story which should be about three to four pages. Try to cover all the main points and the story plot in it. This sketch will motivate you and will clarify your characters, if any. If you have made this draft it will be easier for you to let loose your imagination and think freely about your plot or idea.
Keep yourself focused and make a target of how much or how many pages you should write in a single day. You should not write with long gaps as it will de-motivate
you. While writing write fast and don not stop to edit you. You will only feel bad about your writing. Keep moving forward and keep writing no matter what. Don’t show it to anyone who will take out mistakes, just carry on. It will take months for you to finish it. Once you have completed your first draft remember that it will be a very bad piece of writing but do not worry. Put it in a shelf and forget about it for a fortnight. Don’t even think about it. After about 15 days, open the draft with a fresh perspective. Start to improvise and make its flow better and smooth. You need to remind yourself that great writers revise their work and revision is what will improve your book. Writing a book is more about revision and proof reading than anything else. You can have fun with it, introduce new ideas and experiment with it.
Surely, you will encounter many challenges. Share them with your friends and if possible with the writers. Find solutions to these challenges. As it is widely said, small speed breakers save you from big disasters. Be calm and patient. Revising your drafts will make you a better writer. And when you need to have a fresh picture, take a break and enjoy your life before returning to your settled target.