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Search Engine Advertising August 17, 2018

Search Engine Advertising is a very confusing term. “Google AdWords” use it interchangeably with “Sponsored Search” or “Pay Per Click Advertising”. These are actually advertisements and these are tied to specific keywords or phrases. They can be viewed based on the keyword itself, and are targeted advertisements.SEO or “Organic Search Engine Optimization” is a term that is also used but it is not an advertisement actually. Instead of this, they are listings based on relevance rated by search engines.

One cannot purchase such listings

But these can be earned by highly sophisticated optimization techniques. Due to successful organic optimization, these listings are visible and the website owner does not have to pay for it, does not matter how many times listings may be displayed.

Without the context, PPC or SEO, Search Engine Advertising is always centered on keywords. Search engine Advertising is based on keywords. This is the opposite of normal advertising like Telemarketing, Print Advertising, TV/Radio, Direct mail, Bill Boards and Print Advertising. So, we are rarely hearing or visualizing the ad while looking for a particular product. Like Direct Mail Advertising is so successful with a 1% response rate. Its lower percentages are even successful using TV/Radio or Print Media. Its low return rates are even good with E-mail marketing too. These are initiated by seller and are unsolicited forms of advertising contracts. In Search Engine, the buyer initiates the contacts. Companies dealing with Search engine advertising target PPC and SEO and both of them attract interested parties. One can search exactly the same product, information, and service within 1 or 2 pages of Google. Successful SEO or PPC gives higher visibility on search pages which may be at or near the top of the page.

Benefits of Search engine advertisements are considerable. When buyer initiates searching, it is mostly done at that time when a user considers it important enough to focus it. Unlike all traditional forms of advertisement, it only occurs on timed occasions. Traditional Advertisements is not like this one because one has no control over it that when it may be viewed or heard. When within a few seconds of user-initiated search, if Search engine Advertising makes it visible, there is a maximum chance to find when the buyer is ready to buy. It has considerable Psychological Power. Most individuals react typically when they visualize unsolicited Advertisement, to the mindset of an international search for products, etc. and can find it at once.

Search Engine Advertising has got many advantages in comparison to traditional advertising and marketing methods. It is basically such: Would u like your chances, even more, when anyone beats a path to your door or if you are seeking for the attention of untargeted, like people not interested at all. A Professional Search Engine Advertising along with a solid value proposition is the best yet strategy in the 21st century.