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Racial Profiling Articles August 17, 2012

Racial profiling is not a desirable act but it is often witnessed in the United States and Canada as well. It takes place when law enforcement officers suspect people of being involved in crime based upon their race, ethnicity, culture etc. This practice is different from criminal profiling which is based upon actual criminal behavior and evidence. Racial profiling is mostly carried out by law enforcement authority figures and become a matter of great concern when it affects others in a negative way. Many immigrants and settlers complain about racial profiling when they think that their ethnicity and race becomes a source of embarrassment for them.

For people who have not witnessed racial profiling it might seem like a farfetched story but there have been incidents where people have filed complaints against such incidents. Racial profiling is not allowed under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which guarantees that citizens are safe from unreasonable search and arrest without proper cause. So according to the Constitution this act is not allowed and if there are any complaints actions are taken to ensure that the issue is resolved. When people migrate to a different country they feel a little insecure themselves because of unfamiliar surroundings and people.
So at times racial profiling actually does take place at other times it is just plain misunderstanding. Whatever the reason it has become a topic of heated debate. Due to this one can view numerous articles available on the internet and in magazines about this problem. Articles are available for people who want to carry out research and at times they are written just for bringing attention to this area. Online articles contain legal advice for people who have faced racial profiling and a lot of other useful information in case of what steps to take in case you are such a situation.
The articles which are available about racial profiling on the internet are very helpful for people who are searching for information and the legal implications of it. Even if you haven’t faced this problem its good to stay aware about your surroundings by reading into issues. You can access to these articles online or in book stores. The authors are dedicated to spreading as much information about this cause as possible and because of this there is a lot more awareness among people about racial profiling. There have also been accounts of racial profiling in Canada and Mexico so awareness also needs to spread in those countries as well.
If you have any queries about this problem then you should definitely search for it on the internet and look up articles related to it. If a problem arises in a society then media is one source of spreading awareness about it and helping to eliminate it. So if you want to play your part in eliminating this issue from the society then get knowledge about it from valid sources like journal and research articles. The best part about online articles is that they don’t even cost you anything.