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Proofreading Writing August 17, 2012

Meaning Of Proofreading

It means to correct the mistakes in the documents regarding spelling, punctuation, sentence structure. Proofreading is the review of the article, evaluates the material given in the document and matches that material with the topic to ensure that the material is in relation with the topic. This process is essential for the students, professionals, writers because this can covert the topic into a productive one. Comparison, formatting and content are the kinds of proofreading. It is the choice of the writer to choose among the kinds of the proofreading.

Tips Of Proofreading

Following are the tips to follow the proofreading procedure:

It is good to recheck the hard copy of the article rather than reviewing the document on the screen of computer.

The marks of the proofreading should be used by the reviewers, and the change should be made.

It is better for the writers to give their documents to some other writers etc for rechecking because the reviewer can mark the mistakes more honestly than the writer himself.

The writers should split the document into tasks like in first place recheck the spellings, and punctuation and then review the thesis statement, paragraphs structure. It is easy to review the small paragraphs than the whole document.

For eliminating the errors of spelling in the document the best way is loudly read the document backward.

The document which has been reviewed already should again be reviewed by the reviewer because in this way the reviewer can check that whether the changes have occurred or not.

Strategies Of Proofreading

The writer should recheck the document written after some time because the purpose of proofreading is to eliminate the errors in the document and one can eliminate them properly by rechecking of the document after some time because in this way the writer can forget what he has mentioned so can give a fresh mind for proofreading. Proofreading is a time consuming process, so the writer should take time for proofreading and read the text very slowly because in this pace the reviewer is able to find out the mistakes more quickly. When reviewing the article it is better to put ones in the shoes of the readers. The self analysis of the writer is very necessary because through this the writer can easily find out the common mistakes he/she used to make in the documents.

Spelling, repeat words, fragment sentence, comma’s errors, parallelism, should be the focus of the authors because the above can change the value of the article. The document should be encompassed with the strong vocabulary and avoids the repeated words. The plagiarism in the document decreases the worth of the writing because the audience thinks that they can have the same material somewhere else. There should be a different topic for each separate paragraph and transitions of paragraph should be encouraged.

The document should be reader centered because it is for sure that the writers used to write for the readers and that is the reason the writers analyze the audience very critically so to create an interest of the writer in the document. The good writers used to perform two to three time proofreading and at last would be able to get a document without any error. The document with errors is of no value for the audience, because the audience likes the authentic writing piece.