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Plagiarism; A Never To Be Acceptable Thing March 8, 2018

Plagiarism is increasing gradually nowadays as we keep on hearing so much about plagiarism scandals of different kinds of people involved in it. Whether it is someone who is a student and he plagiarized other student’s work or a songwriter who copies someone else’s song, we get to know that these people are either busy in the court because of an accusation or they simply lose their career.

Many of the plagiarists

do not agree with this law and according to them copying someone’s work should not be considered as repugnant. In fact, plagiarism cannot be acceptable as stealing is not acceptable.

Plagiarism is almost equal to occupying someone’s thoughts, ideas, researches and writings but there are many people who think that a person cannot know as there are countless collections of information on the internet: so if someone writes something and it matches with someone’s article or any piece of writing, it could be considered as a mere coincidence. Software catches and shows if the content is 15 percent plagiarized. So that way we can say that 15 percent of any plagiarized content is acceptable but it does not mean that plagiarism is somehow acceptable. It won’t be right to say that you can never go to jail if you have been plagiarizing content for quite a while.

If we call plagiarism a never

to be an acceptable thing, we will have to class the different laws of the different cultures or countries. To people who like original stuff and those who love to write original content, it will never be acceptable to copy content and not cite it. However, there are many countries in the world where a huge number of people from different communities try to prove or debate that copying someone’s words or thoughts should not be considered as a plagiarized piece. But there are many other people and communities that totally disagree with this. They argue or talk about plagiarism as this is a bad thing like stealing something and should never be acceptable.

There are systems in which 15

percent plagiarized content is acceptable and there other systems in which 24 or 25 percent plagiarized content is acceptable. Well, the software is not created to support the plagiarism to some extent but it is created having seen the reality as millions of phrases are being repeated in the world by different people at several places. And it is not necessary that they are copying someone’s work on purpose. Or they are copying something that they got to know from somewhere and forgot. So the software is designed to catch the real plagiarists, not for those who want to come up with something new and genuine.

If you are writing something

and want to avoid being an unintentional plagiarist then there are some of the most important things that you should take care of. Whenever you are using fascinating phrases just put the clock back for a little while and question yourself how and where did you get it from? Citing the original person is important to your safety. Give the proper URL link if you are adding something that you found on a website. In fact, learn the proper citation styles and methods to be a professional writer.