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Graphic Design Inspiration and Plagiarism March 8, 2018

It is pretty obvious that you will not want to be expelled from your college or school having caught by your teacher while cheating in the test.It is almost equal to stealing someone’s masterpiece of hard work. When somebody steals someone’s cell phone, guitar or a wrist watch you call that man a culprit, similarly nobody is supposed to copy someone’s ideas, thoughts or writings as it is also a kind of personal property.

So if somebody finds something

on the internet,gets inspired by it and simply goes for copy pasting it that is where he or she offends the intelligent minds with plagiarism.

Let’s suppose, there is a guy who has to write an article on turtles and he then finds something on the internet let’s say someone’s research about turtles. He changes nothing but font style and color.

After he is done with the copy paste thing, he does not prefer to quote the original researcher who actually came up with this information. He actually has done plagiarism which is totally illegal according to the law. The best way to go about this is not to forget to give the credit to the original man. Quoting the original man in your stuff will be the inspiration but if you do not quote or you do not give the credit to the original person then it is plagiarism.

But how about graphic designing?

Graphic design inspiration and plagiarism and go side by side and that’s why we mostly see a variety of designs that are pretty similar with each other. Most of the designers use the same art works or same styles having gotten inspired by others’ art works.

Some of them get the idea from the art works of other designers and some designers simply copy other designers’ art works through making a little bit of changes. Now there is a question: how will you class plagiarism and inspiration? There is a way to make this dilemma solved for you;when you are inspired you can use the colors and an essence of the idea of another designer but transform it into yours by making it yours.

Filching is a word that defines

those little acts of stealing – specifically the little ones and some designers on the internet are having this trait in them. If they see some extremely beautiful design they cannot just let it go like this. They will get the inspiration from it and love to create a design by the idea.Sometimes it is better to see other designers art work before you start to design your own design.But copying the art work exactly the same way is plagiarism.

One of the contributing factors

why you should not plagiarize designs is that your talent and skills may die inside you if you just keep copying exact images instead of coming up with your own designs and graphic designing will end up with no more new designs and art works. So you can steal ideas to create better art works but you cannot copy the whole image and change it using different color combinations to avoid being a plagiarist.