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Plagiarism August 17, 2012

What Is Plagiarism?

The distribution of wealth among the people is not equal, therefore, the crimes like corruption, bribery, and many others take place. Nevertheless, this does not mean that only the monetary issues can create the corruption in the society. Because there are different forms of corruption and one of them is plagiarism. In fact, plagiarism has been there since centuries and with the passage of time the ways of plagiarism are increasing. The success of science and technology is based on the research but without plagiarism. No doubt, if you want to walk on stairs then you have to climb up by following each step but it requires all your effort. Similarly, when you want to come up with any of your written material you require the food to think and write. Before talking on the reasons of plagiarism and other facts related to it, the understanding of plagiarism is very important.

Concept Of Plagiarism

Although it seems very simple to define plagiarism but in fact its not that simple because there are various forms of plagiarism. In simple words, plagiarism is copying the ideas and expressions of others and showing them as your own work. In other words, it does not mean that you cannot take the idea of the other person but you cannot convert it to show with your as own work. Ethically speaking, plagiarism is a criminal act and you are restricted by rules, either you are aware of them or you are not aware of them. Even if you are not aware of the rules of plagiarism, still you can suffer at the end. The necessity of time is that the plagiarism awareness should be enhanced in the society and plagiarism tutorials should be promoted. Most of the crimes in the society are free because of the exceptions of age limit, unawareness with the rules and many other things. On the other hand, plagiarism is not age bounded or quantity bounded, and an act is considered plagiarism either it is a copy of a paragraph or a line, or even an idea. You are the culprit if you are accused of plagiarism either in the case of a student or in the case of a professional.

Concept Of Plagiarism

The habit of plagiarism develops in the early stage when as a student you first time try to copy something from your classmate’s notebook to write an assignment and with the passage of time it seems easier to come up with the copied work instead of your own. Moreover, in the professional life or at high level it can be very dangerous for you to come up with plagiarism because the copyright rules are so strict that they can make a legal suit against you. It has been observed with increase in competition in recent years that the plagiarism is also increasing with the same ratio because there are many individuals who want to get success based on the contributions of others. Therefore, many studies have been carried out to analyze the weekly and monthly statistical rates of students and many other categories. Software plagiarism is one of the most common examples of plagiarism and most of the companies are getting benefit only because they are making the imitated soft wares and the original software companies got the disadvantage of high research and development costs. In order to avoid plagiarism there are many strict rules and regulations for different groups like students, professionals and writers. One of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is to sort out your documents on the