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IP Location to Know Your Customers In Depth May 7, 2019

Have you ever attempted to visit Amazon.com from your country? Do you notice how Amazon suggests you must go to Amazon.com as it’s the webpage which serves you best? How they perform this action?

The moment you connect your computer or any different device to the internet, you require a public IP address to communicate with other internet devices. Majority of the time this task is done by your router at home, which obtains a public IP address and shares that with every device available at your house.

IP geolocation is a way to locate the geographical position of a device by using a public IP address. There are many different kinds through which you can find the location of yours or other people through an IP address. The way I use and find most user-friendly is by entering the address in an online tool; IP location finder.

If we take a look, most of the Geo IP services today are premium based which require a monthly subscription. It works best if you find a tool that is free and gives you satisfying results. You all can operate it without getting worried about the results as they are 100% authentic one.

Now you have a little idea regarding IP location and the methods you can use to find those. There are many uses of tracking locations and using IP location finder which can help you in different manners.

Uses of Geo IP

There can be numerous uses of Geo IP location as you can tailor your services all according to visitors’ location. Let’s check a few of them.

Redirect Visitors to location-specific deals

We have just cited an example of Amazon which informs users about their local Amazon store. This is the most prominent use of IP location.

It is an excellent solution for business which has different interfaces and deals for their customers based on their region. You can operate IP location finder to identify visitor’s location and redirect them to the country-specific deals. It can push their satisfaction level and bring up customer loyalty to such businesses.

Block Services in Particular Region

Let’s take an example of services such as Netflix which are only accessible in the specific part of the globe. What is actually preventing them from working in other parts of the world?

You can block the visitors to access according to their Geo IP location. It is an excellent approach to introduce your services in a phased way. It ensures that you don’t get much burden on your servers. Hence, in this way, you can launch your services in a much better way of using a location detecting tool.

Diversified Current Support

This is an adequate solution if you are operating an e-commerce webpage in serval currency zones. If you only support single currency, your visitors have to shell out additional money regarding foreign exchange charges.

So, you can include a multiple currencies option and automatically transfer your visitor on the right currency website. With IP location finder, along with the region, you can have a look at the currencies which can help you to decide which currency you must use.

Multi-Lingual Assistance

Another beneficial use of IP location details is creating a multi-lingual site. This type of site is a page that gives posts in more than one language, for instance, English and French.

You can use the region information and redirects the visitor to the language based on their country. So, you can operate IP location finder to find the location of your customers and provide the data in their language.

It can enable them to understand in a much better way which can further help you to increase the conversions of your page.

Handle Time Zones Without Difficulties

Handling time zone can be a hard task. By introducing a consistent and easy Time zone API as IP Geolocation now enables you to overcome this problem effortlessly. Some of the IP location finders provide the current date, time, year, time zone, and other geolocation information either IP address details or city, country, time zone, and language with What is my IP.

There can be many other functions which can be implemented with the help of Geo IP. Hence, while deciding the way to serve users according to their specific locations, you must use an IP location finder or other GeoIP services. It will make your task much more accessible and efficient.