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Invention Presentation August 18, 2012

Guidelines For The Authors

Following are the guidelines which help the authors to generate different constructive ideas before writing anything worth:

The writer should be very particular about the due date of the assignment/project, and schedule the writing process according to that.

Before starting of the writing process the author must know about the reason of writing and should aware about the target audience for which the author is writing.

Free writing is very essential for the writers to do before hand because in this way the writers can generate different ideas. Mostly the writers follow brainstorming so to get new, unique information and ideas regarding the topic. The students/writers can jot all the points which come in mind without taking care of the spelling, punctuation mistakes. The writing process could be more creative due to brainstorming.

The writers and the students of the academic institutions should organize all the ideas and information in a very organized way with the graphical view and the audience would be in an easy situation to understand the graphics than the paragraphs and sentences.

After doing this prewriting the author should save the journal having the information regarding why this topic is very necessary for me, its relation with my field etc.

Invention strategies are very essential for the writers to avoid mind blocking while writing. Before starting the writing process the author must plan the easy and understandable structure of writing like introduction, conclusion and body. The planning of structuring the ideas in points or in paragraphs are also very important because the writer needs to focus on the audience that in which way they are easy to read the whole document. It is better for the writers to sit lonely when planned to write the article/assignment then think about the topic which is interesting and easy to write, for the inexperienced writer it is always easy to start with the easy topics. Write the ideas in any language when in the planning of generating the ideas, this moment is very crucial for the writers because at this point they used to be in the position of forgetting the ideas at any time due to any barrier like the language, noise etc.

Following are the names of the invention strategies which the writer can hold for writing:

Clustering, listing, looping, dialogue, mapping, Outlining, journaling, observing, question and answering, visualizing etc these are very helpful for generating the valuable ideas regarding the topic. There are many activities that come under the invention like: selection of topic, idea exploration, and organization of the information. Reading and thinking are also the part of invention. The consultation of the writer with the instructor regarding the topic also comes under the invention stage of writing.

Every audience wants to read a very valuable article and document and that is why for this it is very essential for the writers to go for invention strategies. The experienced writers used to take lot of time while writing because undergoing the writing process consumes much time of the writer. In the practical organizations, the management if wants to introduce something new go for the brainstorming with the employees because in this way the organization can get the new and unique ideas.

The purpose and the audience is the most important aspect of any research to which the writer should give more importance.