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Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing December 2, 2019

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing: How Digital Marketing Efforts Improve Website Ranking

Anyone who owns a website or those who are just plain curious, have heard or read the term SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about getting your website to appear on the first or second page of a search engine. 

Any user of the internet, when he enters a query and Google it, it returns 53,000,000 sites searched in 2.5 seconds. What interests the user who entered the query? To look at the results of websites displayed on the first page. He will visit a few of the sites, and if the content isn’t what he’s looking for, he will go to the second page and study the results there. If he still can’t find relevant information, he will go and change the words of his query. He’s not going to look at the results on the third page or scroll through all the results Google has returned. 

Achieving this ranking on the top pages of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is the crux of the SEO’s job.

Role of SEO

Getting your website to be visible on the first or second page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the job of the SEO. There are several strategies and tools that SEOs use in optimizing the website so that it shows on the first or second page. To name a few tools that are used in optimizing a website are; 

Web content and keywords are the major factors considered by SEOs. The reason is very simple; search engines crawl the content on web pages and not images and videos. The crawler estimates whether the content has enough information on what the website is selling. 

If the quality of the information is good, the website will rank higher in its niche of the internet market. The crawler determines this by indexing the use of keywords in the web pages. 

SEOs suggest keywords for content writers to use while writing the content. At the same time, they warn the writer, not to overuse keywords. Remember, search engines are smart; if they spot that a keyword has been ‘stuffed’ on a web page, they will mark it as stuffing or spamming. 

The results of overusing keywords can also have severe adverse effects on the website. A website can vanish from the internet because of spamming. 

If you look at the top SEO tools, they are all focused on keywords, including keyword rank checker, keyword density checker, keyword research tool, and live keyword analyzer, etc. Why? It’s the proper use of keywords that gets Google and other search engines to rank websites.  

There are a lot of debate surrounding backlinks. Sufficient to say good authority, backlinks do impact a website’s ranking. It’s the quality and not the number of links that count. 

Digital Marketing 

The internet has opened a brand-new market: Digital Marketing. Marketers have had to change their marketing strategies to adapt to the venues opened up by digital marketing. The common digital marketing tools in vogue are;

  • Content marketing tools
  • Social media platforms
  • Email marketing tools
  • Blogging

Content Marketing: 

The intention of setting up a website is to sell your product or services. Therefore, the content has to be very good to lure visitors to visit your site and shop on it. High resolution and clear images of products also impact visitors. A visitor wants to read the description and see a picture of the product you want to sell him or her. 

Social Media: 

This is the latest digital platform for selling. You go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, and you will see products of your interest in one of the panels of the social media that you are using. Social media operators are clever, and they monitor a user’s interest and show ads that will interest them. For example, if your interest is in travel, you will see ads for holiday resorts, cruises, and travel-related ads on your Facebook page. 

Email Marketing:

This is one of the oldest tools of digital marketing. You have to get the email addresses of your intended customers and reach out to them and invite them to visit your website. The email has to be well structured and to the point. It should give enough information to entice the receiver to visit your site, and you can easily do that by providing a link to your website from the email.


SEOs and digital marketers have to hire top quality bloggers who will give a compelling opinion that will entice visitors to visit your website. Bloggers share their opinions, and if they praise a website, the traffic to the site will increase.

SEO And Digital Marketers Must Work in Harmony

Designing the website requires expertise. Both the SEOs and digital marketers have to work together to get visitors to visit, browse, and purchase. The website should be easy to navigate; products or services should be properly categorized. Ads should not clutter the pages. It should take the visitor a few clicks to find the product they are searching for. 

Digital marketers have to work in tandem with SEOs to maximize avenues of prospective sales through all the available avenues. 

Bottom Line

The internet is expanding and evolving constantly. New venues for selling keep popping up, which digital marketers have to learn to use. Without the concentrated efforts of the SEO and the digital marketer, a website will get nowhere as the competition in this free for all market is fierce. 

TikTok is the latest viral social media video app on smartphones, and it won’t be long before clever digital marketers start using it to boost sales.