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Google Search Engine Optimization September 17, 2018

Old Search Engine Optimization

Any program that helps you can find documents for specific keywords and which provides you with a list of documents containing that keyword, I called a search engine. A search engine is one of the most common types of programs however the term ‘search engine’ can also refer to certain systems fo, for example, ng, Google or Yahoo! These search engines help users locate documents on the internet. Simply put, the search engine is designed to find information on the internet.

One of the most widely used and appreciated search engine today is Google, for most people it is the basic go-to search engine whenever they wish to know anything from the latest fashion trends to food recipes, books and breaking news to gossip and shopping, from developments in various fields of life to self help articles, and even for as tiny a thing as asking for directions.

Google is the one place

that knows everything there is to know about anything the human mind wants to learn about; it is mostly thanks to a search engine like Google that people today are breathing encyclopedias. The best part about the World Wide Web is that there is a plethora of pages waiting around to provide help to you with its amazing collection of information. However it is not always easy to reach the exact page one needs and that is where the search engine, like Google, comes in the picture! A search engine basically keeps a record of many different kinds of pages all over the internet based on priority, basically a list of ‘keywords.’ It then keeps a record of all these words, pages related to these words and the location of these pages, reading to give you at a moment’s notice!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

is that process which generally improves the visibility of a website on a search engine, like Google. This shows that, for example, Google search engine optimization would be to improve Google and save time for all the people who wish to search anything on it. Basic Google search engine optimization is based foremost on what is in the best interests of the visitors to a site. A visitor is the main consumer of the content available on any website and hence the main beneficiaries of Google search engine optimization.

Google search engine optimization

can be achieved if the site has offbeat and specific titles plus a site should make the most use of its ‘meta-tag’ and give to the point and best information about itself. URLS are also displayed on the search engine page and a URL that is proper is generally more appealing to the visitor than one which sounds a little weird! Moreover, a site which is easy to navigate is one that gets most hits! So a convenient to navigate site achieves Google search engine optimization. Also when headings are used appropriately then a site gets more visitors.

This was some information about search engines and Google search engine optimization.