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Creative writing August 17, 2012

Creative writing is one which is different from the writing style that we use in literature, poetry or in professional environment. It is not the technical form of writing. It is basically a style of expressing your thoughts and views in your own way. There is not any restriction that you are bound with in creative writing. This type of writing is mostly used in novels, stories, poem script writing or play writing etc.

There are some tips and techniques for the beginners in creative writing. First they should make a habit of writing something daily, it will make their hands in flow and it will create ideas in their minds. Secondly, if you are facing any difficulty in creating content ideas then you must move out and keenly observe things going around you and write it down in your note book. You can easily get ideas from your observation. Moreover you can get the dialogues from the people real chit chat. Thirdly decide the time which suits best to you to write. For some writers it is morning and some find evening suitable to them. So spend some time in deciding the time. Fourthly after completing your work you should go through it properly and edit if you find any error in it because it is not necessary that in the first time your work is perfect. Even in the work of the renowned writers needs a review. If you are not able to locate the errors then you can ask any other writer to help you out. Always take this creative writing as a fun. It will help you generating cool and out of the box ideas. If you get bored from longer stories then take a break for while then after sometime write a poem or a short story. Creative writing is very essential in today’s world. It helps students to relate the information with their concerned topics in their projects.
Creative writing is a type in which feelings and passion are raised in one’s mind. It includes a variety of styles and ways for example novel, brief stories, screen plays; poetry etc. If we talk about novel it is long narration of your ideas. It has distinguishable starting and endings. It includes lots of creation. The focal points of novel are multiple plots and a collection of lettering. Short stories are different from novels in a way that in story there are smaller quantity of characters that we look for with a single plot. In plays the writer puts attention on performer, cameraman, directions, dialogue writing, and the theater. He also pays attention on explanation of role that an artist has to play. And same case happens in screenplays. Another example is of poetry. This word is not new to anyone as the people have been writing it since centuries. Previous poetries follow the rhythmic pattern but today it follows a creative style. Last but not the least; flash fiction is having the brief significant story with.