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Creative Writing Exercises August 17, 2012

There is a writer hidden in all of us. It’s only a matter of volition whether we want him to come out and express himself or rather let him die in oblivion. Creative writing exercise is considered to be a catharsis of sorts. The Victorian ladies, being dismayed at their husband’s habitual extra marital indulgences, used to vent their anger by jotting down their hatred on a piece of paper. Willingly or unwillingly they also indulged in creative writing exercises.

Ever since the arrival of fictional diction, almost all the major educational systems such as Cambridge or Oxford have been emphasizing upon the importance of creative writing exercises. Not only has this ability of writing creatively found its way into the various benchmarks for measuring the human intelligence quotient but the cognitive development centers have also been emphasizing upon the importance of creative writing exercises. No wonder why the civil service competitive exams give a lot of weight age to the creative writing. In the upcoming paragraphs we shall be discussing about the dos and don’ts of creative writing in detail.
Firstly do not throw away whatever you write. Do these creative writing exercises on a book or a diary and only close if when it is filled. While writing, always try to keep the pen moving. Do not think over or plan something big for creative writing exercise. Just write what naturally comes in your mind. Moreover do not stop to edit or recheck for the grammar or the spelling mistakes. Just keep on writing creatively until you have finished expressing the whole idea. By stopping in your tracks and editing and re-editing your work all the creativity gets stifled which is very much against the essence of creative writing exercises.
Socializing in writing is also very important. If you indulge in creative writing exercise with a group of friends then it means that you are expanding your creative potential to the maximum. By exchanging ideas with the fellow creative writers you can make your creative writing exercise a very informative and fruitful activity.
It is also important to realize that every creative writing exercise begins with a certain amount of vagueness, which ultimately leads to something specific which, in turn, lends credence to the whole idea behind any written piece. You should also keep in mind that if you can avoid clichés then your creative writing exercise will be far more specific.

Moreover, self questioning is a very important factor in creative writing exercises. Ask yourself certain questions about the sensuousness of the ideas at hand, try to visualize some scene and then jot it down on your paper. While describing something one must be extra careful not to scribble un-necessary details that might choke the entire theme of the creative writing exercise. Finally, creative writing exercises are in fact those writing practices that transform your raw creative potential into something definite and concrete. As they say a practice makes one perfect, so be perfect by doing creative writing exercises time and again.