Copyright Checker

Ever since the outbreak of a deadly disease named Plagiarism, almost every other organization is stumbling back and forth to find a suitable panacea for this malaise. The enforcement of intellectual property laws have also made it compulsory for everyone to make sure that whatever they are producing, writing , designing or manufacturing, its genuineness should always be proven first, much before their entry into the open market.

The problem of plagiarism and copyright violations not only troubles the academics and scientific researchers, it also has far reaching implications for the Information Technology. And the fact that a very little internet based check and balance is available to counter these subversive digressions only makes things worse for the Software industry. For example software being produced in Russia might get copied by a computer geek somewhere in East Asia, thus undermining the herculean efforts of its developer. To add insult to injury there is no governmental or international oversight over them and the violators go scoot free even after they are caught red-handed. Because of them businesses worth millions of dollars are at stake and the IT industry is going through the worst times in its recent history. Given these circumstances, something concrete and solid must come out to check mate the teeming numbers of copy right violators.
The copy right checker seems to be a divine intervention for the betterment and continuous advancement of the Information Technology Industry. It is ideally what a lot of web developers and software houses were hoping for. Now the intellectual property violations being committed in the name of academic liberty and free speech will soon be buried forever. It will not only give power back to the original developers but will also ward off any possible chances of copy right violations. No matter how difficult the text may be, no matter what is the language used in the text, the copyright checker is going to make sure that there is no plagiarism. Its huge data base leaves nothing to chance or luck; it will check and recheck every single line to make sure about its authenticity.

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