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Consequences of plagiarism June 18, 2018

Nowadays plagiarism is a huge problem which seems to spread day by day. Plagiarism is done in a number of ways which is done mostly by students. This is the reason that plagiarism is considered to be a very big problem in academia.

In universities and colleges,

the penalties vary but it is very clear the plagiarism is not acceptable anywhere in the world. The consequences of plagiarism are clear to the students that could be fatal but still after knowing about the consequences most students do plagiarism.

The consequences of plagiarism are usually varied, in some colleges and universities one can get a simple warning to being expelled from college and in some college, they have expelled right away without giving any warnings because of the fact that plagiarism is illegal and something like this should never be entertained in academia.

The consequences of plagiarism

don’t only mean that a person caught plagiarizing some material and you are expelled but the biggest problem of plagiarism is that the person would not learn anything from this sort of education as he is only copying and pasting from internet and nothing else.

In most schools in order to give punishments students are insulted in front of everyone and are expelled from the school for some time period.


if we see what could be the literal meanings of plagiarizing then we would end up with the terms, stealing, theft, fraud, and cheating. But we have no idea why students don’t understand the actual meaning behind the term plagiarizing. A plagiarizing student is basically depriving someone else’s future of gaining employment and job that is more qualified and education than the plagiarizer.

Consequences of plagiarism are widespread socially and economically throughout the world. Most colleges and schools are now using expensive versions of plagiarism checker which check and look for similar material online.

As the teacher himself

has not read all the books, schools have given premium versions of a plagiarism checker to teachers. The problem in the system is that the checker only checks for the similar content online and in the published books, but there are hundreds of books which are not published online so the copied material from such books would never occur as plagiarized in the software.

Students who are caught doing plagiarism have to face some serious consequences of plagiarism.

The consequences can

be as high as expulsion or rustication from the college. The mild versions could be a verbal warning, failure in the exam, or lowering the grade of the student. For the students that are caught plagiarizing, there is no hard & fast rule; basically, the rules are set by the dean of the college and by the dean of student affairs. The biggest problem is that students have no idea about the harsh penalties that can be implemented on them.

Well, the consequences of plagiarism are immensely high for all students in most parts of the world, and it as advice to all students not to do plagiarism at any cost.