Writing Assignments

Need To Understand The Assignment

In libraries, one can find large collection of books, papers and articles which are meeting the expectations of the audience means fulfilling the requirement of the audience what they want. The purpose and as well as the audience are the two important factors which should be at the top priority of the writers to analyze first before starting to write the assignment. It is essential for the students/writers to understand the assignment and its requirements because of the following reasons:

It may happen that the writer misunderstands the assignment and topic.

As the writer doesn’t understand the assignment so the wrong resources of information can provide irrelevant material. Continue reading

Using Fonts With Purpose

Importance Of Fonts

While reading the audience used to focus on the content of the paper rather more on the fonts and its sizes but the fact is that fonts are playing very essential role while writing. The content of the paper is no doubt very important but the visual appearance of the words is also playing an extraordinary role in the appropriate presentation of the paper. The fonts are helpful in making soothing reading atmosphere and mood. In the paper there is so much to read but the reader mostly don’t have much time to read word by word so these fonts help them to focus on the most important part of the paper. It can control the reading time of the audience. There are types of fonts available for the students/writers like the times in roman, Arial, Arial black etc. Mostly in academic circle the students used to use the “Times in Roman” As we know that the content of the paper is the most important aspect while writing but the importance of the fonts and other layout tools of the paper could not be avoided.  Continue reading

Using Appropriate Language


In writing, the writers are more focused towards the purpose and the audience. Writers first analyze the audience of the paper and their expectations. It is very necessary fro the writers to give priority to the purpose of the writing, like whether the purpose could be expressing, proving a claim etc because around the purpose the writers used to write the material relating to the purpose. Language is very essential to focus on while writing because the author needs to write that language that is aligned with the purpose of the paper and also equals to reader’s expectations. The language should be understandable to the audience because they are the one to read the paper. Continue reading

Visual Rhetoric

General Overview

Visual rhetoric is a framework that is theoretical; it expresses that how the visual image helps in communicating any message to the audience. Visual thinking, visual learning and rhetoric come under the umbrella of visual literacy. It shows the relationship of writing with the images. Visual rhetoricians used to use the tools like the charts, web page, graph, movie news paper etc. Visual rhetoric is a very broad subject and it includes every type of visuals which are helpful in communicating anything to the audience or among the human. Everything which has been developed or been developing have some purpose, the reason of the visual rhetoric is to persuade the readers or the audience towards the particular concept. Continue reading

Annotated Bibliographies


In the libraries, there are many publications, books; articles etc are written on different subjects and in those research papers, publications one can find the bibliography as a major part in the document. The word bibliography means the listing of the sources from where the writer gets the research material. The sources incorporate the following:





Magazines etc Continue reading

APA Writing

What Are The Basics of APA Writing Style
In the process of writing an academic paper, essay, dissertation etc, it is one of the requirements of academic papers that if you are getting help from any source then you have to use a specific citation style. The citation style means that you have to give the reference of the source from which you have taken any help for making your arguments more strong. There are numerous referencing styles such as APA, MLA writing style etc.
For example, APA writing style is normally used for the referencing of social science and citations. Social science covers many disciplines such as psychology, business, economics, medical, criminal justice and law. In every discipline, the main concern is to write the academic papers in correct APA writing style. There are certain rules and regulations involved in APA writing style. It looks difficult to write in APA but in reality, it is convenient to understand the rules. It is important to understand due to the aspect learning as well as getting good marks in the academic assignments. Continue reading

Book Writing Software

You may have heard about book writing software that are available for serving people while helping them for better completion of their tasks. Basically such software is helpful for generating useful and helpful ideas for commencement of your writing piece. For those who think themselves blank minded but want to write something useful can get started with these excellent products. Book writing software has been served people with lots of advantages so that writing task could be made easier. One can easily generate very impressive and outstanding ideas for starting informative or interesting piece of writing. Continue reading

Check Writing Softwares

Writing is that art which is considered best as it is the amazing source of giving reality and value to your feelings. Some people are gifted with this amazing ability by nature while some become expert in it by making others their teachers. But we say man is feeble means man is that puppet which do make some mistakes because nature has not made any human perfect. Everybody is having some defects which he do tries to overcome as perfection is the weapon to fight for success which can be forever, but this lead towards the huge dozens of mistakes. Continue reading

Chines Writing symbols

Writing is a very beautiful art which help a writer to express his feelings in a better way by giving them the beauty of words. A writer feels very comfortable in writing when the words used by him are of his own language as the comfort scale is much more in that. Different languages are being used for writing and they are being understood by people of different areas. Among the languages Chinese is considered to be the most difficult language as it is compiled by different languages which as a result of combination give birth to unique and difficult language. Continue reading


Need Of Citation

Plagiarism is getting very common because of the easy access to the knowledge through the Internet.

It does not mean that you can never get the advantage from the work and findings of others. In fact the only thing you need to do is to keep a difference between the research and plagiarism. You can even make your arguments stronger through the findings of others but sometimes you have to get the authorization of the other person and all the times you are responsible to give the reference of the resources because it is the only way through which you can make a distinction between your work and the reference work. In most of the cases the work will be a piece of plagiarism even if you have given the improper citation. Therefore, to reduce the hundred percent chances of plagiarism the proper citation is very necessary. Continue reading