PDF Search Engine

PDF extension of a file or a PDF file format is not a new name for the web users. These types of files are used for documents which are self-sufficient, and it is not dependent on any display resolutions. PDF is an acronym of a Portable Document Format and it was first introduced by Adobe. The PDF format is a widely used format these days and it has a number of advantages. Continue reading

Plagiarism- A Threat or an Art

“Duplicate from one is plagiarism, but duplicate from two is research” this famous saying of Wilson Mizner isn’t enough to defend the duplicity of the writer. Authors work really hard to design an incomparable and unique content; therefore, it is NOT okay to copy their work without accrediting them. This cannot be termed as an Art! Continue reading

Say A Big No To Plagiarism!!

In simplest words, plagiarism is stealing somebody else’s ideas and words and selling them as your own.

Plagiarism is bad! It kills the writer’s authenticity, his credibility, and his originality. Well, copying or cheating as some people might call is bad at all instances.

However, it becomes worse when you openly copy material from someone else’s mind, steal their ideas and words and produce them as your own. It’s a conscience murderer.

A reprehensible act of copying what comes from others and rephrasing it to make it your own. It isn’t enough to just say it’s very pathetic of people copying material from others but in fact, getting monetary or academic benefits out of it is a despicable act indeed!

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Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

With the advent of the internet, everything has become online. Even stealing online content has become so easy because of the presence of so many blogs and online websites.

This happens because of the existence of no regulatory authority on the usage of the internet. But to the dismay of many people who are indulged in this act of cheating and stealing other’s idea. There are many software tools present on the internet is known as plagiarism checkers like Duplichecker and Copyspace. So, with these tools, the plagiarism can be detected in a matter of some seconds. This easily discourages people from stealing other’s idea in the first place.

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Why is it necessary to use a plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism is the act of using some other person’s conditions or guidelines and then not giving him any due credit rating.

Whenever you are copying a single sentence within a report or a simple essay without properly quoting the resource, this is plagiarizing.

It isn’t just restricted to an individual.

Even renowned authors and your college teacher might be involved in doing this and then claiming it to be their own work.

This is the reason the universities and colleges have made it compulsory to check all the research papers and assignments for plagiarism.

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