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Writing Scientific Abstracts Presentation August 18, 2019

There are many purposes of scientific abstract which are as follows:

Scientific abstract introduces the journal article.

It gives awareness to the audience about the content of the article.

This abstract is the basis for the readers to decide that it is worth to read the article or not. 

Types Of Abstract

Abstract is of two types for example informational abstract and descriptive abstract. Informational abstract consists of the method, conclusion, method, scope, recommendations. Informational abstract focused on the essential points of the paper. The informational abstract can exceed up to two pages like 10% of the whole paper. Where as the descriptive abstracts includes the purpose, scope, method, conclusion, recommendation but not the results.

Importance Of Scientific Abstract

The scientific abstract offers the writers to write the complex data in a very organized and concise manner. Readers can read the text very easily and they can understand the whole paper in a very effective way because initially with the help of scientific abstract they got the overview of the paper.

Characteristics Of The Scientific Abstract

The effective abstract should not be more than 200 to 300 words. The paragraphs should be concise, coherent and unified. It should focus on the report’s chronology. The abstract should only summarize the main points and it is very necessary for the writer not to add any extra information in the scientific abstract. The best thing about the scientific abstract is that the audience can easily understand the abstract without having an overview about the whole report. Every sentence of the abstract should be related to another and it is also essential to show proper transitions in the paragraphs.

Guidelines To Write Scientific Abstract

The writer must know while writing an abstract that research question, topic, conclusion, results and method comes in it any other information other than that can makes the abstract useless. For writing the abstract the writer must read the paper properly and underline the points that should come in the abstract. As the writer finished the paper then should start writing the abstract on the basis of the content which has been underlined.

In the abstract the writer writes

one or two lines of introduction which includes the topic, research question and purpose. Then write the one or two lines related with the methods of research or data analysis. One or two lines regarding the results should be included. At last write 1 or 2 lines regarding the conclusion and the recommendation.

It is the responsibility of the universities to give the students opportunities to learn how to write the scientific abstract because the most of the time students are in the universities and schools so from there they can learn more.