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Writing Techniques February 18, 2019

A persuasive person is always considered as very well read and intelligent. People who are able to convince others with their point of view are also successful in their life. However, fact is that persuasion has nothing to do with intelligence. It is a skill which can be acquired like everybody else. Same is the case for persuasive essays; with the help of certain writing techniques one can write excellent persuasive essays. Following are some writing techniques which will make your case gripping and more compelling. The writing techniques have no specific order.

Uniformity and Regularity

Uniformity and regularity in our thoughts and dealings is a prized social attribute and It ultimately shows in our writings too. Inconsistency in our writings will portray a very negative impression to the writer; no matter how strong points we have. Whereas consistency and uniformity in essays leave an impression of rational behavior and sequence. Inculcate this writing technique in essays to make the reader agree with something right away. Gradually evolve your case with references meanwhile referring back to your original point.

Social Attestation

We always look for guidance and confirmation from others. It is one of the most potent psychological forces in our lives. This psychological force determines our way of thinking, our actions and our future plans.

Therefore, it is very important to instill social attestation in writings. For example testimonials, references and quotations of famous people are one of the best ways to convince people of your point of view. This writing technique specially comes very handy in persuasive essays.


A persuasive writer’s ammo lies in comparisons. Metaphors, similes and analogies are the best way to associate a situation to something a reader already accepts as the right thing.

Comparisons can work in many ways. You can use the clichéd comparison of apple and oranges or you can compare the prices of branded clothes to the factory rate prices of designer clothes.

Agitate and Solve

This writing technique leaves a very strong impression on the overall essay. In the first step recognize the complication and qualify the audience. In the second step stir and agitate the readers hurt and pain. Explain it in a detailed manner before giving the ultimate solution which will resolve the complication.

Through this writing technique of agitate and solve you gain the writers empathy. The reader realizes that you completely understand the complication and you might’ve dealt with it to understand it so well. Therefore the integrity of your point of view is sky rocketed.


The writing technique of prediction comes in very handy when discussing case scenarios. You give the reader a quick look of the future. If you can successfully extrapolate the events into probable likable outcomes then you readily gain extra points for your point of view.

Do Not Ignore the Objections

While writing your persuasive essays make sure you address all the objections and come up with the counter arguments. In this way you will be able to persuade a majority of the readers by counter attacking their objections.