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Why Sitemaps are Important June 18, 2019

Importance And Benefits Of Sitemaps To Your Site

If you are having a sitemap that has been created with a clear goal in mind could be the driving factor to the success of a website.

It can provide a vital link between a search engine and a website that cherishes the relationship that is energetic to the property of the website.

A well-built sitemap can make a website easily searchable by all major search engines, and provide the user with more accurate search results when the user is looking for keywords that are associated with a website. The crawlers used by the search engines rely on sitemaps to point them in the right direction of the right website that a user is finding for.

There is a large number of tricks, which help to optimize your website in major search engines, and one of those is a dedicated sitemap. Sometimes, the importance of the sitemaps is entirely ignored and underestimated, and it causes a significant loss to your website.

What a Sitemap is and How Does it Work?

As the name concerns, the sitemap is a literal map of your website, which is, on one page you are going to show the whole structure of your site. It might include the sections in it showing the links between the pages of your website.

The sitemaps make the navigating of the website somewhat more comfortable, and when you are having an updated sitemap for your website, it could be vital not only for yourself but search engines as well. You must know that the sitemaps are a significant way for your website to interact with the major search engines.

The Robots (.txt) tell the search engines that which part of the website is to include for indexing, and what page you want to exclude and the web sitemap also tells these search engines that where you’d like them to go.

Here are a few great benefits of using sitemaps you would never like to ignore in promoting your website.

Help in Modifying Your Quality Content

It is only possible to gain and maintain higher ranks in search engines if you keep on modifying the content on your site.

You should always try to keep it fresh and useful to the needs of your site visitors. If you are using a sitemap creator, or manually create the sitemap, it will help Google to be alert, whenever you modify the content of your site.

Get Efficient Quality Crawling

You would never like the crawler to ignore some of your content because you work hard on all of your content devotedly.

You want every piece of your site content to be crawled by the search engine spiders. Therefore you are suggested to have an easily accessible sitemap. It would help the crawlers to navigate the site effectively and efficiently.

Easy and Accessible Content Categorization

An excellent quality sitemap will always help you to place your web pages under categories and in a prioritized manner. It also shows that the pages, which are carrying your most important content, are crawled faster and thus get indexed in a prominent position. The content with less priority value will be indexed accordingly in the ranking of the search engines.

Get Easily Discovered By The Users & The Major Search Engines

One of the main reasons you invest your money and time in creating new content for your site is that you want to be discovered on the web easily and quickly. Using a sitemap creator to generate a sitemap will really help you to be discovered fast. It is highly recommended to make a manual or auto Sitemap for new websites or web pages and other pieces of quality content.

Save Your Precious Time And Spend It On Promoting Your Quality Content

Some pieces of information are supposed to be delivered when they are still fresh, like news items. The sitemap will present it to the spider as it is published and you don’t have to wait and guess when the spiders are moving to pay your website a visit.

Enjoy a Great Service For Free

This is one of the best services you can enjoy absolutely free. You can submit your sitemap to Google and enjoy the outcomes without spending even a penny.

Get to Know About Your Visitors

By using the sitemap into your website, you have an excellent opportunity to learn a lot by monitoring your sitemap reports. The errors of your site would be displayed so that you can fix the issues, manage traffic sources, and even keyword searches in a more unique way. It would certainly help you in improving the content of your webpages and attract more users to get more traffic.

Offers Help to the Search Engines To Find out Your Content Easily

All the major search engines, including Google, use the backlinks to your website to find your website and its contents. There is a small number of websites, where this process takes a long time, yet if you have applied a sitemap on your website, you can submit the same through the Google webmaster tool and accelerate the process of having your website get crawled and indexed by Google.


There are many other advantages you can enjoy by installing XML sitemaps to your site and get good credit from Google. The sitemaps also enable the search engines to crawl your website’s content competently and thoroughly. Moreover, Google Webmaster tools also provide a number of your reports on your website just by using your website’s sitemap. And it is a plus point for your site to get a good grade from the search engines. If you haven’t yet planned to run the sitemap, you are suggested to do it immediately and enjoy the show