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What is a Search Engine August 17, 2012

Search engines are programs that help you find documents relating to specified keywords you wish to learn more about. A search engine makes it possible to sift through countless data available online and reach the one that meets your specific requirements. Although a search engine is a set of programs, the term may also refer to very specific search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

You are able to find your desired pages and documents within second of entering a query in a search engine because it maintains a catalogue of the entire web; when it knows where to look the work of a search engine becomes easier. Every search engine sends out a ‘spider’ or crawler to the web. This piece of software analyses the data on each page and builds an index based on this information, to use and access the pages whenever a query is placed in and return with a list of those pages that are best related to your question. A search engine basically retrieves information from all over the internet. The web is a vast expanse full of useful information lurking in far off corners, hiding in plain sight but sometimes inaccessible. Whenever you need to know anything at all, you simply put in your question in the search engine. It, then sends out its hooks and fishes out the best possible information for you within seconds, thus facilitating the purpose of the web as a big source of information exchange.

Moreover, search engines also help you find a lot of information other than the specific query you added. For example search engines display advertisements on the side of the search page which are related to your query. Or they may suggest websites that can be helpful to you, apart from the pages listed on the search. Also, by placing your advertisement on their pages search engines can attract prospective customers for you and in turn you end up earning money for the amount of search your advertisement facilitates.

Although search engines maintain a ready collection of the all the information on the web you may sometimes be unable to locate the things you really need and your search may return empty. In such a situation you should refine your query and make it more specific. Also sometimes search about similar things can lead you to your specific query and serious researchers need to look hard and consistently before they can find something of value. Overall a search engine is a great way to find information easily from all over the world. With a single click you can learn loads about everything from travelling abroad to study degrees to global warming and conspiracy theories. It is the second best invention after the World Wide Web and it is a blessing for all those who want to get information on their fingertips within milliseconds!