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Website content August 17, 2012

Website content means the matter which a particular website contains. These may be text about what the website is about, related pictures, related videos or audio content. It is the reason why people visit any website. Visitors do not care how you have designed your website or which colors have you used to make the web page attractive. What they care about is the content you have included on your website. So the popular saying that ‘Content is king’ is very true when talking about website content.

Tim Berners-Lee evolved the concept of connecting the documents with hypertext. Initially it was used only for academic work sharing. Later on it evolved further, and it was considered a great idea that people can have their own web pages and they can provide links to whatever they support or like, write anything that they want to and give their own credentials/testimonials.

HTML content is what most of the web pages are made of and are found when we want to share any ideas. Most of the websites- not just business websites, but also personal web pages which include blog pages- are based on html. Moreover, even the search engines are based on html. On top search engines show their own logo and then whatever keyword the visitor writes, the list of websites that include the keyword in some way are mentioned along with their addresses. Even the discussion websites and boards which are mainly based on textual material is structured by html.

Nowadays search engine is the way people turn up on your website in the presence of hundreds and thousands of websites. The search engines rate the website on the basis of content that people have included on their website. If your website is rated among the top websites, then it will be shown among the first ten websites related to the query/ keyword that you have entered.

You need to include original content, with good information about any topic that you are making your website, good grammar and worth telling knowledge. Take the help of any online grammar and plagiarism checker to make your content unique and error free.

Furthermore, write creatively and about something that you have a background understanding. Keep in mind people can make the mistake of once clicking on your website, but if they found nothing worth reading, watching, listening then they won’t show up again. You will waste their time and they would not like to come again as you are offering nothing new to them or may be nothing at all.

Unique and innovative website content would mean that they will come again and they might refer your website to their acquaintances too. One thing is clear that website content brings visitors, traffic, popularity (of your web page) and money too.

For adding multimedia people also include images, graphics editor. For faster downloading, try to keep the images smaller. Another way of building interest is embedding sound with the website. But try not to turn it on automatically people sometimes do not like the sound to start automatically and it is considered contenders on the web world.