The Unmentioned Harmful Effects of Plagiarism

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The Unmentioned Harmful Effects of Plagiarism November 28, 2018

A lot could be said about plagiarism and in fact, much of it has already been said. You go on the internet, search for the topic and then blog after blog and website after the website is talking about it.

Whenever there is a post on any blog about plagiarism, you can see a battle in the comments. There are people who are speaking in support of it, people who disdain it and then people who have no clue what’s going on.

Here’s something for the intelligent people:

no matter how much you argue about its validity, plagiarism is bound to get you in trouble at the end.

Below you’ll read some of the most harmful effects of plagiarism including ones that you are not often told about on websites. The unmentioned harmful effects of plagiarism aren’t only those that cause you some nuisance, but on many occasions, they are harmful to the people around you and plagiarism can do that.

  • • The more you plagiarize, the more efforts you are making of abolishing original and fresh content on the internet.
    • When you plagiarize and steal others’ content, you can most definitely stop calling yourself a writer because there is no writing involved in plagiarizing. You could simply use an application to change a prewritten content without doing any writing at all.
    • You can never be an inspiration because to be an inspiration, you need to do something on your own.
    • You can never stop your children from plagiarizing if you are a supporter of plagiarism yourself. Now, since you will be their supporter when they get caught in school for plagiarizing, you will have to fight for them. You are asking for a lot of trouble by default.
    • If you are an artist, you will lose your reputation in no time when your plagiarism gets caught. It has already happened to many artists and you could read about Coldplay to get some lesson.
    • You could easily lose your job as a professional journalist when your plagiarism is caught. This happened to two great journalists in the previous year.
    • Even if you have the writing and creative skills, you will lose them as you continue to plagiarize others’ material. Plagiarism is like the easy way of doing things and when you start plagiarizing, you don’t feel like going to back to doing things yourself because that requires a lot of hard work.

Plagiarism will rust your skills and you will never be able to get back into your writing form.

Writing is not just making chains of words but an expression of the person’s thoughts and reflections about his experiences of life. It needs to be effective, emotional and carry the message so strongly that everyone who reads it feels connected and related to it. However, plagiarism doesn’t justify this art but instead becomes a lousy way of filching others’ content and then doubling the harm by presenting it as yours. This in no way could be called a professional and responsible attitude.