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Technical Aspects of .pdf .doc .docs .jpg .xlsx .pptx and eleboration of different file formats March 4, 2020


The PDF (Portable Document Format) file format was developed back in the 1990s by Adobe Systems for storing documents that can include textual and visual data. The PDF documents are presented independently of any operating system, hardware, and application software, which makes it the most extensively used file format. With time, PDF has evolved, and now, it can contain several types of content, including videos. The programs associated with PDF include Adobe Viewer, Gpdf, Xpdf, Ghostscript, and Ghostview.

Technical Aspects

The PDFs are integrated with the font-embedding system that allows multiple fonts to go with the documents as it is. All the content elements are stored in a single file in PDFs, as this format comprises of a structured storage system. Several elements of PDFs are stored in binary format, but the main file is based on 7-bit ASCII. The PDF uses PRC for embedding three-dimensional data in the file, and apart from that, it can contain form-fields, layers, and rich media.


Doc, the abbreviation of “Document,” is the file extension used with word processing documents. Microsoft developed doc in 1983, and back then, it was only a plain-text format. But with time, it has become an integral part of individuals who work on PC for preparing documents due to the inclusion of illustrations, tables, design, and text formatting.

The doc version isn’t used much in the modern PC world due to its successor “Docx.” In Microsoft Word, the doc was used till its 2007th variant, and in the later updates, Docx is being used. Apart from Microsoft Word, the doc file extension is also associated with AbiWord, KWord, StarOffice, AppleWorks, and Apple Pages.

Technical Aspects

The doc format technicalities aren’t much complicated. It has been improved over the years by Microsoft that has aided individuals in preparing textual files with embedded objects. A document prepared with this extension can be merged with the spreadsheet of excel, and it can also contain videos, sounds, charts, animations, symbols, and much more.


The docs file extension is the part of the web-based application offered by Google as “Office Suite.” The office suite is the part of Google Drive, and it involves spreadsheets, presentation programs, slides, and Forms. All of these programs are based on docs file extension, and it has made sharing, and editing of data facile for individuals as the whole process is based online. This extension allows the users to access any of the Google Docs from PC, Android, iOS, or any other device without restriction.

Technical Aspects

The Docs format allows any file to be converted in Docs format with certain limitations. The font size and number of pages consumed doesn’t matter for Google Docs; it has imposed the maximum character limit, which is 1.02 million. The image file or any other document cannot be uploaded if the size exceeds 50 MB. Files in multiple formats can be converted to Docs, including .txt, .docx, .doc, .html, .rtf, and .dot.


JPG was previously known as JPEG and was developed by The JPEG Committee in 1992. JPG is abbreviated as Joint Photographic Experts Group, and it is widely used on web pages where the size of the file matters. The images saved in the .jpg extension save much space as it utilizes lossy compression, which reduces some quality of the image to shrink the file size. Many other image formats came into existence, but none of them has been able to overtake this exceptional format.

Technical Aspects

The maximum image size supported by the .jpg extension is 65535 x 65535 pixels. It is the most common extension in which the images are saved in the digital cameras. A JPG file consists of a sequence of segments, and each segment begins with a marker. Each marker starts with a 0xFF byte, which indicates the type of marker. The lossy compression allows the compression up to 100:1, but the loss in quality will be visible at that point. The lossy compression is a major reason behind the popularity of JPG format.


Among the different types of documents, excel was introduced by Microsoft in 1985 as a spreadsheet. Currently, the linked programs with.XLSX files involve Microsoft Excel (2007 onwards), OxygenOffice Professional, and OpenOffice. Excel involves several features for which it is widely used at the organizational level, which include graphic tools, pivot tables, and calculations. The current excel version of Microsoft has 484 functions, out of which 124 were missing in its predecessor.

Technical Aspects

Microsoft Excel is the best option for preparing files in XLSX; however, it doesn’t mean that the files cannot be accessed with any other application. The applications supporting XML allows you to edit or view a workbook, but it may lack several features. XLSX files stand out from other spreadsheet extensions as the excel files can be protected with a password to disallow anyone to manipulate data without permission or view confidential details. XLSX doesn’t support the Excel macros due to security concerns.


The presentation program, Microsoft PowerPoint, uses the .pptx file extension since its 2007th version. In its early years, PowerPoint was used only for group presentations, but now it is considered as a vital tool for businesses. The PPTX extension comprises of two methods, XML and ZIP, to compress the elements held in the file. It is easier to view files in PPTX as compared to the previous PowerPoint extensions due to the Open XML format. you can also use our XML Beautifier to Beautify your unstructured XML code.

Technical Aspects

The PPTX file extension is exclusive and better than .ppt due to several reasons. The file size is about 75% smaller, the security is better, and there are fewer chances of data corruption. Apart from Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote and OpenOffice also support PPTX files. The slides in PPTX can include textual and visual data just like other PPT extensions, but the data recovery and management are much improved in PPTX.