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Society and Technology’s Part in Digital Plagiarism January 24, 2019

Where technology has made life easier for us, it has also made undertaking criminal activities simpler. You can easily download movies, songs and even others’ papers for free from the internet. It is entirely unethical yet available to all.

So is the case with any kind of content we talk about. However, it is again technology that has enabled us to verify such crimes. In the case of content, you can easily check using plagiarism-checking software if the content was plagiarized or not and how much was the percentage of the copied content.

With research

becoming a part of all levels of education and not being limited to universities anymore, information available online rotates in all corners of the world. Everyone can access as well as use this limitless pool of information. Students even from the initial grades now get home assignments where they have to research about an incident or a product and present it to their school teachers.

This is the best time to learn

using different new things and the best you can do to your children at this stage is to make them understand how to give reference to the sources in order to avoid plagiarism. Society and technology’s part in digital plagiarism can well be played only if it is started at the foundation level. Later, students get so used to the easy-go path that it seems like a hassle working on assignments by themselves. Even the assignments that do not require research are sometimes searched online and copy/pasted.

Most of the advanced technologies

have their disadvantages too; accessible online information is no exception. Although it has brought the world so close that even studying in a foreign university while staying in your own home town is no more a dream. However, this advancement of information and technology has lead to inappropriate use of information available.

We call it inappropriate when the information is used without providing a citation. When using a source or other authors’ work, you should give them the credit they deserve and not try to make it seem like you were the genius to come up with all the ideas/information.

As technology has made

it very easy for students to copy data, it has made life more difficult for the instructors, who have to make sure the content was yours or properly and rightly cited before grading you. They have to fight against this act of plagiarism by being over cautious about the assignments and papers submitted by the students.