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August 17th, 2012

Search Engine Ranking

A search engine is programmed to search for data on the World Wide Web. The search results are presented in the form of a list according to their ranking and popularity and relevance to your query. The information which a search engine looks up may contain test files, web pages, images and numerous other files. Search engines are categorized according the information they store there are web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, vertical markets etc. So people can easily access the kind of information they are looking for. Search engines rank web pages like mentioned above so that you can access the most suitable information regarding your research.

Since search engines don’t possess human like ability to rank web pages based on past experiences they make use of other tools in order to help us access the answers we are looking for. One of the methods which a search engine uses to dig up relevant search results is that it analyzes the frequency of keywords which are available on a page. For instance if you have entered the word “education” in the search bar the crawler-based search engine will search for all the web pages which contain this word and then look for the pages which have the highest frequency of this keyword and then websites which match the criteria will be placed on top of the list.
Search engines use the method of indexing to rank web pages but that is different for every search engine depending on how it has been programmed. Another beneficial feature of search engines is that they look out for spamming. Many a times there are web pages which have a very high frequency of keywords to get their page ranked higher but contain irrelevant information. But search engines keep an eye out for search web pages to save users from inconvenience. Another way to save people from ending up with wrong search results is using off page factors.
Off page factors use link analysis as a key feature, the search engine analyzes how pages link together. This way it can determine the information the page consists and whether it is important to the search result or not. So even while ranking web pages search engines use techniques to avoid presenting you with irrelevant search results. Majority of times people find the most suitable results because even though web masters try and use techniques to get their pages ranked higher a search engine makes sure that only the best gets through to you.
So accessing information is not difficult anymore because you will find the most suitable results. People all around the world have free access to web search engines and now sophisticated web search engines are also using different languages to make it easier for people to access the information they require. Thanks to the ability of search engines to rank web pages according to their relevance users save a lot of time and effort and get what they are looking for at once.