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Reduce Costs with Free Plagiarism Detector November 22, 2018

With so much plagiarism taking place these days despite all the prevention technology and legal actions, it has now become inevitable to use plagiarism detection software for keeping the content of your website or blog safe. You could always end up seeing the original content of your website on another website. So, all the efforts put behind your work have been destroyed by a plagiarist. Furthermore, to catch further plagiarists before they get all the traffic on their website by using your content, you will have to buy plagiarism detection software and this will take your costs up.

Of course, you will have to buy the software for plagiarism detection and if you try to work with the demo version (the free version) only, you will not be given access to all the features of the software. This limits the use of the software and in most cases, doesn’t fulfill the requirements of a professional website. People using such demo versions at home can definitely benefit from them without having to buy the premium version of the software. However, some generous hearts stepped in and thought of providing free plagiarism detectors recently and this has made things easier for website owners.

Most of the free services available for plagiarism detection are in the form of web applications i.e. you paste the content you want to check for plagiarism in a specified field on the online website and submit it to get the results. In fact, the online websites use this as an advantage of their service that you the users don’t have to download an application and install it before they could use their services. Of course, downloading software isn’t only hassling but the truth that many software contain viruses and malwares are even more upsetting.

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Free plagiarism detector for schools, colleges, and universities. Otherwise, they had to buy software for checking any possible plagiarism in their students’ completed works. Furthermore, keeping the software in a safe place can be quite a task with so many hackers and computer experts having the knowledge of getting into the systems through illegal means. So, it is better that you leave the job to the online website for taking care of their software and protecting it from any malware, viruses, and intruders. You can enjoy the services for free and check as many documents as possible.

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The limitation of this type of plagiarism detection. You can always check the assignments and papers of students for plagiarism on such website. It is great for website owners to keep a check on their own content as well but when it comes to images, videos and other forms of data, checking its duplication can be a bit difficult. If some text written on your blog is being used in a video on another website, there is absolutely no chance for you to catch this type of plagiarism unless you accidentally land on that page where the video is or the video has a transcription with it for the plagiarism detector to check.