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Recent news articles February 6, 2019

The world has progressed a lot in the media zone either it is print media or an electronic one. Media is indeed independent and free. Even the government authorities are not able to lessen the influence of media reports on the minds of the public. The research medium has been advanced to a shocking length. The news throughout the world is available after a second of the happening. The truth behind the scene is now visible to the common man by the media services. New either it is international or local, entertainment-based or political, international clashes or amity are now all available for an ordinary person.

In the older days, the news articles were not this much advanced or research-based but the recent news articles are both research-based as well as follow a line of investigation.

President’s remarks, public response,

law and order situation, political issues, educational reforms, entertainment updates are all covered in the recent news articles. Fashion designers, teachers, business men, farming people, economists, students, house wives, for every profession there is, recent news articles are written for each of them. The inner secretes of the supremacy are also opened by appropriate and complete research and the public is made aware of every incident and happening. Some of the recent news articles are written by the people who have a deep insight and these articles are full of positive suggestions for the supreme authorities.

But it is also seen that yellow journalism

is destructing the press media. False news, lame remarks of the government authorities are printed in certain newspapers which misguide and mislead the public causing dissatisfaction and frustration in the public. If one goes through the recent news articles in any of the daily newspaper, he will see every article portraying a dreadful image.

International clashes, economic misbalance,

coldness shown by the supreme countries, terrorist attacks and social evils, these all are the only topics on which the present-day topics are written. No doubt that the print media has progressed a lot in the past few years but the recent news articles are just horrifying the whole world. One more thing is that the recent news articles are not promoting the problems of the ordinary man. His financial crisis is not at all mentioned anywhere. News articles are meant for the use and facility of the common people not just for increasing the popularity of the magazine.

The news article writers should think

about it keenly that they should make them more positive instead of using them as a tool for popularity. Every thing has a positive and negative aspect, it depends on us how we use it. Advanced research and vast independent medium of deliverance are the points which the old news paper editors and writers were deprived of. Now in the present day and age, they are equipped with high technology and proper resources, so its there responsibility to present a positive image, hope, and reality to the world.

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