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Recent Health Articles August 17, 2012

No doubt that nowadays, we have more food streets, fast food chain, hotels and restaurants than hospitals, schools, colleges and other academic institutions. This is a bitter reality that we are not in hospitals more and more because of these food streets, fast food chain, hotels and restaurants. We prefer the taste over health and we also have decided to have the handy stuff to eat rather having a proper meal at breakfast, in lunch or even at dinner.

According to the rough figure, almost 2.8 millions of people die every year only because of the obese and overweight. Other statistics also clear that among these 2.8 millions 95% of victims are adults and having an age between 18 to 45 years. According to the Recent Health Articles, 1 out of 2 harmful diseases are correlated with obesity and it includes diabetes, cancer and different cardiovascular diseases.

People have many proper sources in order to keep them aware an up to date with the latest preventive measures, but now at this stage, we have become habitual of considering the fast food chain and hurtling as the part of our lives, in spite of knowing the harm.

However, this is not only the cause that people are getting obese and indirectly getting near to a large number of harmful fatal diseases that can leave human life towards death. There are few other factors that are also contributing in different ways and making people obese. It was the disclaimer of Recent Health Articles and now it is believed that to have a general phenomenon of people. It is the lack of physical movements of human as it is right that technical advancement has changed human life in every aspect.

But it has left some adverse impacts on the lives human because due to the technical advancement in the means of transportation, people are less likely to travel from one place to another place without any help of any vehicle. All you need to know your physics properly. You should check your Body Mass Index on a regular basis to exercise as per your BMI. This way you can control your obesity and make your life happy.

When this scenario is being looked, it seems to have a good impact in respect of comfort, but it has a negative impact on human health in respect of the long term cycle. However, these all issues have been discussed in depth in different Recent Health Articles but people are not paying a glance over the importance of these Recent Health Articles.

According to a rough figure, there are 22% to 48% people are having health hazardous as these figures vary from 22% to 48% in different regions of the world. This figure is only showing the statistical measure of those people who live in cities as they are more equipped with advanced technologies than people, who are living in different villages. However, Recent Health Articles elaborate that this figure is diminished as 15% to 28%, if the point of consideration is the village life.

On the basis of this straight forward statistics, it can easily be evaluated that people, who have more physical activities with less comfort, are more fit and healthy than those people, having all comfort in their hands.