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Internet Plagiarism August 17, 2012

Increasing Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been increasing with time and the issues of the copyrights are also increasing because of this factor.

Everybody wonders that why is that so? The reason is none other than but the easy access to the knowledge which was not the case few years back. And one of the major technologies that are making the access to knowledge is the Internet, the technology for the information age. Before the usage of the internet technology, cheating and copying someone’s other work was possible only through the books and the other reading material. But now in all the fields the usage of the Internet is increasing and people are getting more dependent on Internet even to produce their own work. The methods to get the work done from the internet might be different but there are different types of Plagiarism. For producing the highly professional and the demanding work the plagiarists use different sources of Plagiarism. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that like other inventions Internet is a disadvantage for us because it is a threat towards the original work of the writers and other innovators.

How Plagiarism Is Easy Through Internet?

It is the most asked question for those who have never visited the Internet sites. In fact there are millions of websites on the Internet which are providing the data about all field, form literature to science.

Therefore, when a reader goes through the written text he gets a lot of ideas and if he has to produce his own research paper, case study, story, drama, article or any other material he can produce it by copying through the website. Plagiarism does not mean only the copied and the pasted work but it includes the copied work from various means. Instead of going to the library and purchasing the books the best way is to just go on the Internet and get the information just in a couple of seconds. Therefore the convenience to get the information is enhancing the Plagiarism. People prefer to come up with the whole paper in a couple of minutes. Some people have the misconception before doing the Plagiarism that after reading a piece of an article from other writer’s work they can change the wordings and present it with their ideas. Referral work is allowed to support your arguments but the main thing is the genuine and innovative work.

Facts about Internet Plagiarism

At the educational level students are very immature and they can not realize the later affects of Plagiarism on their career and at that very low stage they get habitual to present the copied work. There are different ways through which Plagiarism can be decreased but it can not be eliminated. Search engines are also being used for catching the Plagiarism but the limitations are there. There are many websites like Harvard Business School and the Jstore which are providing the material with in some limitations like the proper registration and downloading charges.

Similarly, some softwares like the are also enhancing the restrictions towards the Plagiarism. In order to distinguish information like the personally owned or the public, the contents are clearly specified. Similarly copyrights and the published information also restrict the person from doing Plagiarism because he gets scared of the results. Therefore, if you want to get something to enhance the power of your arguments you have to mention the proper reference.