Plagiarism Isn’t Bad – A Logical Response to the Notion

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Plagiarism Isn’t Bad – A Logical Response to the Notion October 5, 2018

No wonder people are confused when they read about plagiarism on the internet. For as long as they are reading a blog from a person who blogs regularly with fresh and his own content, you will feel very bad about the act plagiarism.

However, as soon as you listen to the response of a person who supports plagiarism, you will be in a state of dilemma. The reasons are so profound and striking when they talk about plagiarism being the right thing that you are the almost half convinced half way that there is absolutely nothing wrong with plagiarism.

Plagiarism isn’t bad –

a logical response to the notion that you’ll often get from plagiarism supporters combined with the argument that it is not stealing in its truest sense. Well, it’s most definitely not stealing in any sense for as long as you are not shown both sides of the coin.

A coin is alright for tossing for as long as you are shown only one side but if the side facing the ground and hidden from your view is the same as the side you are looking at? The toss is rigged but if you are not told about it, you won’t know that. So, you must know both sides’ story before passing judgment.

Now, you will be told

that when some steals, the personal property of a person is taken away on the other hand, when you plagiarize the content, no personal property is taken away.

You are parking your car in the garage for years and what you never knew that your car was being used every night while you were sleeping but it was parked again in its place before you woke up in the morning. Does that sound very legit and valid or sane? It’s your car and someone else is using it and if that’ not illegal, what is?

Now let’s think for a

while the content you are using without citation gets some negative response from people and actually provokes people to do something illegal.

You will be facing a trial for that or someone might pull you into the court for that – will you then say that the content is not yours? It’s simple, you could have let the actual owner take the responsibility of whatever happens in response to the content but you took it on you. Now you have to pay the price and this price is for something you bought for your self-destruction.

Another issue might arise

when you as a student submit assignments that are similar or identical. If you have copied someone’s content in your paper or project without their knowing about it, you have definitely stolen.

At the same, if you get into trouble for doing this, you have definitely got the other person into trouble as well. Does that seem very nice to you? What if both the papers are canceled and you are faced with heavy fines? The person who never knew that his content was copied will be paid for doing nothing at all, and if that sounds normal then we don’t need to find sadists anymore.