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Plagiarism Is a Friend to Many Bloggers March 5, 2019

Before answering the question whether plagiarism is a friend to a blogger or an enemy we must see which side are we standing on – the blogger who plagiarizes or the one whose content has been copied. If only you were devoid of any realistic thoughts and all you had in you was optimism, you would have considered plagiarism a friend to bloggers. Of course, the person whose content is being copied will think high of their content and feel happy that their content is worthy of being copied by others – that’s when you are devoid of realistic thinking as mentioned above.

Let us analyze both sides and see how plagiarism is an enemy to bloggers.

Whose Content is Being Plagiarized

The blogger whose content is being stolen and copied, and then presented by someone as his/her own content is definitely not going to feel good about it. The point to remember here is citation: if these people had cited the content, they wouldn’t have put the original blogger in so much mental pain. Secondly, who will ever feel okay after seeing that all the weeks and months of work has been copied by someone else and the credited has been taken for that as well?

Now this person has to waste more time in trying to protect his content than blogging.

He might even have to pay for an application to check for duplicate content on search engines to hunt down the plagiarists. Once again, his precious time that he could have spent in blogging now gets wasted in doing some work which wouldn’t have been his responsibility in the first place if people had not stolen his content or only if they had cited his name with the copied content. The blogger will also be afraid of posting new content from the fear of plagiarism and this will affect his readership in return.

How To Check Plagiarism

Blogger who copies and plagiarizes content

It can be arguably said that plagiarism is a friend to many bloggers who copy content. They do that because without any hard work, efforts, struggle and research work, they were able to put great content on his blog. However, the truth is that stealing is only good for as long as the thief doesn’t get caught. Once caught, the thief might have to spend the precious days of his limited life in jail. In case of online plagiarism, a plagiarist might be fined heavily for the act and though rarely but he can be put behind the bars for his actions as well.


a blogger who copies content without proper citations must realize that he has absolutely no ability to be creative and come up with his own content. In addition to that, by copying others’ content he’s further proving that he will never have that ability even in the coming times. Should the readers be deceived by fake and copied content, and are their commendations really for the blogger who has actually copied the content? In short, plagiarism is an enemy to bloggers.