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Finding Out If Your Work Is Being Plagiarized By Someone March 14, 2019

Plagiarism has become very common, and precisely notorious, on the internet since last few decades. Your masterpieces and creative work are not that safe if you have posted them on your website or somewhere.

You mostly hear news about plagiarism nowadays that someone plagiarized someone’s work and got caught or someone is fighting with plagiarists on the internet.

One of the reasons why plagiarism

has become so common is that most of the people do not understand the fact that plagiarism is a bad thing or they don’t want to consider it as a bad thing.

Another loud reason why plagiarism is increasing day by day is the vastness of the internet and heaps of information and great amount of content on countless web sites.

Plagiarists when get caught, tend to show it as inspiration, which is of course not the case when you have particularly copied someone’s content without citation, but in fact that is nothing less than stealing something.

After finding out if your

work is being plagiarized by someone, you have the rights to fight for your work with the legal evidences that show you as the creator or the original owner of that content. But the question is how will you find out if your master piece of work is being used in someone else’s content without giving you credit or without showing the recourse of the quoted material in order to show the fake possession?

Well, nobody wants his or her work

to be plagiarized by others because one knows better how much hard work one had to put behind the work. If you are one of those who want to know if your created work is being used somewhere else unintentionally or being plagiarized on purpose, then you should know that this is not an uphill task that you need to endeavour for.

There are so many scanners on the internet that check if your work is being used somewhere on the internet. Software tells you if your work is being used by somebody else on purpose moreover, software gives you the detailed information about the web site where your content is being plagiarized.

Google is another friend of yours

when it comes to finding if your work is being used somewhere on the internet ever by mistake or deliberately. Finding your original content out with the help of Google or any search engine is simple. Search for the phrases you used in the middle of the paragraphs instead of searching by the titles you used.

Google will give you the closest matches of your searching. Search by different phrases quite a few times, this research can take a little longer than you think; perhaps you will wait for few days to find out the thing you are actually looking for.

Once you know that your work is really being used, take the screenshot and contact the author through email and tell him personally that you have known that your work is being used by him. Ask him to remove it as soon as possible lest he is facing more embarrassment as you report this action to the search engine management team and have his website removed from the top rankings.