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Plagiarism in Journalism April 2, 2019

We all sometimes get to know about plagiarists in different fields like song writing, story writing and researching but media reporters and journalists are not behind in this anymore. And plagiarism in journalism is even more unacceptable as plagiarism does not only crush the credibility of the journalists but also the entire industry. And also the audiences start to point their fingers on journalism when they hear about any scandal of journalists involved in plagiarism.

It is when they copy someone’s ideas, thoughts, inventions or writing without giving the credit to the original person. It is pretty simple to give the credit to the original person through quoting them in your piece of work.

Plagiarism gets easier just because

of the internet which has in fact loads of information and one can easily plagiarize by scrolling and clicking the mouse instead of using his skills or without coming up with something on his own. News reporters have to get the information about their work and they use their own source of information. But sometimes they gather information through the internet where they are supposed to show this fact to the audiences how and where they got this information. They should be honest with their work and give the credit to the original person by properly and accurately citing him.

Sometimes journalists

do it unintentionally or don’t give the proper source of that information and they are mostly caught. Those journalists who remain lucky, they somehow keep this up and show their unoriginal work as the original one. We hear about many scandals these days about plagiarism that someone got caught and banned now or has been expelled. But despite knowing all these sorts of news we see that plagiarism is increasing day by day. The reason why it is increasing is that people who work, they don’t have to spend money on their own resources and also, they don’t have to use their mind. That is the thing when our journalists teach our upcoming journalists how to plagiarize.

Plagiarism has numerous dire

consequences and people who plagiarize, have no job securities as they can be terminated at any time when get caught. Moreover, they lose their credibility and goodwill and defame is another blob on their reputation. If one gets caught involved in the plagiarism his career is almost on the verge of disaster and shame. is a pro tip in detection of plagiarism

Chances are very low

that the other organizations will hire a caught plagiarist to work with. Just like a student who’s unable to take admission in any other university when he is terminated after he is caught while cheating in the examination.

So if one plagiarizes, he is never safe and there are ways to avoid being plagiarist. It is good for a journalist or a reporter to quote the original person if his work is being used by anyone. Tell the complete resource where you got that piece of information from: give the proper URL if the information has been extracted from the World Wide Web. Every journalist should know his proper work and be careful while taking the information from somewhere.